Guild to go.

I’ve been playing Guild Wars a lot since I got my new computer up and running.

 Joined a guild, got to know some people, found and lost a good farming build, built a different farmer, left my guild, made my own guild.

That’s the GW life cycle I suppose. I bought GW:Nightfall when it came out. It’s a really nice game. I think I still prefer GW:Prophecies better. Maybe it’s because Proph is the first one, but it just seems to be better. Layed out better, easier to figure out what you’re supposed to do next, and you’re not max level before the third Mission.

I know that GW is about player skill, but it just seems wrong to make a game where you have to reach max level before the game really gets started. that’s Nightfall for ya tho. It’s all about levels. Take the Sunspear Title. You have to reach a certain level in that title to progress in the game. The first time this happens it’s no big deal.

“You need to be level 5 before I can give you your next PRIMARY Quest, so fuck off Noob.”

Ok, it’s phrased differently, but amounts to the same thing. Like I said, that’s no big deal because leveling in GW is very easy til about level 10, the halfway mark. Later on there’s a point where you have to have the Title “Sunspear General” to continue the game. Might not be a big deal if you’re playing a character from Elona, the Nightfall setting. If you bring a character over from another game, like I did, it’s a bitch. It seems like Arena Net, the makers of GW, wanted to intentionally add grind to the game. Since it was pretty much lacking from the previous GW chapters. But… that’s another post.

Now that the bitching is done, we come to the reason for this post.

I’ve started a Fanatic Space Guild. PvE oriented at the moment, that may change later. If you want to join just pm one of my characters in game and I’ll send you an Invite.

My characters are…

Jadon Faine

Sagin Faine

Adela Faine

Majin Faine

Mora Faine

I have 2 others, but I’m not sure if I’m keeping them. 

You can add one of these to your friends list and PM me when I’m on or just leave your in game name here and ask for an Invite.

See you in Game. 

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  1. James

    Hum, but i have not yet played games in my childhood and now how?
    With stress of work, i don’t think i can find out time for these stuffs, how could you manage?

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