Faster Mario, Kill kill kill… recently posted an article about the connections between video games and real world violence. Pretty interesting in a “well Duuuuuh” kinda way. You can view the article here.

I can understand why people want to find out what “made” someone violent. It’s scary to think there are people in this would who can do such horrible things. There must be something that changed them from the sweet lovable little kitten into a frightening monster, right? Nope. Sorry. Not that easy. A kitten is a kitten, but some grow up to be tigers. I’m not saying environment has nothing to do with the way people turn out. It has a lot to do with it, but environment is more than what music you listen to, what movies you watch, or what games you play.

Think about some of the most simple games ever “cops and robbers”. A lot of people played that, or something similar, growing up. At it’s basic level it’s a role playing game. I’m a bad guy and you’re a policeman and we’ll try to kill each other.

“BANG! You’re dead.”

 “Nuh uh, you missed. BANG! You’re dead.” 

How many people turned out to be Police? Not everybody, not enough. What about robbers? Too many, but still not everybody. Should you stop your kids from playing? I don’t think so. Playing “cops and robbers” or playing “house” is how kids figure out how people relate to one another in the world.

I won’t even get started on the crap that Dungeons and Dragons has been blamed for. I’ll just say that it iscrap. Using your imagination shouldn’t be limited to figuring out how to get out of a parking ticket.