Just use your reimagination.

411mania.com said this about the new Star Trek movie.

 Why does that scare me so? 

The short answer would be Enterprise.

Now for the long answer.

In the last few years a lot of stuff has been “reimagined”.  A lot of it has been sci-fi and horror, with a few tv shows and classic movies thrown in for flavor.  Very little of it has been any good at all.  Sure, there are exceptions like Battlestar Galactica, but 90% or so has been horrible.

Why do things need to be reimagined in the first place? Is it to make money? Probably, but wouldn’t it be cheaper to just re-release the older stuff? Maybe spend a little to clean up and “digitaly remaster” the original. After that the cash flow would be mostly profit. You wouldn’t even need to make $70 million on the opening weekend to be a success.

Could it be that the people involved think they can do better? That’s insulting. A lot of the stuff getting this kind of treatment have a lot of fans. Ask a fan of horror movies what the top 10 of all time are. More than likely Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be in there somewhere. Follow that up with “Oh yeah,  Jessica Biel was good in that” if you want to get a beating.

In a few years I expect to see a reimagining of Harry Potter. It might go something like this…

 Harry is a low level thug in some British street gang. He hates himself for being a criminal, but it’s the only life he knows. When he gets arrested for some petty crime, he gets questioned by some serious government agents.  Turns out the abusive alcoholic and the crackhead prostitute who raised him aren’t really his aunt and uncle. He’d been abducted as a child to keep his parents from testifying against the head of the gang at that time. When that didn’t work Voldemort just killed ‘em. Voldemort was injured in the gunfight with the Potters when a stray bullet hit a propane tank. The safe house they were in went up in a ball of flame, killing the Potters and burning Voldemort beyond recognition. The cops assumed he was dead, but now he’s back and he’s looking for revenge. Harry tries to stay alive long enough to kill the man that destroyed his life, while working with those he was raised not to trust, the law. An action packed thriller, filled with murder and betrayal.

Yeah, sounds magical.

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0 thoughts on “Just use your reimagination.

  1. blyss

    Where to begin?

    Should I start with the fact that Battlestar Galactica has been replaced by this bastardized television series, wherein the once frightening Cylons have been replaced with sexbots, and one of the main characters is no longer even the same gender, oh, and pretty much nothing exists from the old storyline at all?

    Or, how about movie directors like Paul Anderson, who decide they know what Resident Evil was REALLY about, even though to all involved, it was about something else entirely, oh and to hell with whatever groundwork and details the original writers had in there – we can do better now, because everyone knows that all the new special effect methods make a movie better, instead of having a solid story.

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre – the old one was dated, but that didn’t mean it was worse than the new one. Again – new special effects make a movie better seems to be the theme.

    See, that’s the problem I have – no one is reimaging a damn thing. They’re all trying to tout their cgi skills, and how much money they can spend these days on make a movie look cool, versus making a good movie.

    In my opinion – a TRUE reimagining was the movie DOA, done in 1984. The old one was a lackluster event at best, and while the 1984 version did change things a little – the overall basis was the same. The story was relatively unchanged, just embellished a bit. That’s a reimagining – not ripping the guts out of a decaying corpse, and filling it with bloated insects, and other nasty surprises, and calling it the thing that died again, just because it had the same outer shell.

    Just my opinion on it.

  2. 2xKnight

    The new Battlestar has at least 2 gender switches that I know of. Starbuck and Boomer were both guys in the old show, and both chicks in the new show. To top it of poor old Boomer is a freakin’ Cylon. New Boomer (a.k.a. new Athena) can be my sexbot anytime.

    I’ve yet to play Resident Evil, which is a flat out rip off of Alone in the Dark. It was obviously not following the game storyline though.

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre is dated. Lot’s of classics are. Casablanca? Very dated, still a good movie.

    I have to agree with you on DOA. the 1984 version was great. That’s what a remake should be. Don’t screw with the story too much, build on the strengths of the movie you’re remaking.