The Zombie Hunters site is down

I went to read The Zombie Hunters and found something a lot more frightening than the walking dead.

 It was gone.

There was a domain parking page there. I freaked. I wrote a blog post asking for info, then I found the artists (I think) deviantart page.

She said the page will be back shortly. Apparently the site was screwed up by a domain stealing bot. I hadn’t even heard of those, but it makes sense. Find a site with lots of traffic, steal it and try to make some quick cash.

Some people deserve a good beating.

*** Update ***

Turns out the domain just expired. They didn’t get a reminder, and apparently didn’t remember.

This poses a question. Do site stealing bots exist? Probably. It would just be some scripted hackery taking advantage of security holes. Scary stuff for people running a web site.