My thoughts on Command and Conquer 3

I just finished the last campaign in Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. I think I’m ready to talk a bit about the single player mode. Don’t hold your breath for an article on the multi player mode, I’m not really into that side of the games.

EA has been busy working on patches for the game. I only had a few crashes, and only one that got under my skin. I was doing pretty well in a mission that had defeated me a few times already. I was just about to save the game ( I was too!) when it went spazzo. There are still a few bugs like that in the single player game, but from what I hear multi player has it far worse.

C&C 3 has been improved by what the makers learned from the RTS games they’ve made since Tiberian Sun.  Parts of it reminded me very strongly of C&C: Generals. The ability to build units at different buildings at the same time, that’s good. The ability to buy upgrades from certain tech buildings, that’s good. The mammoth is a tank, that’s just eh.  I liked the walkers from Tiberian Sun, I thought the mechs worked really well in the Tiberium universe. I missed the CGI scenes when you won a mission, I liked those too. However, there was the FMV. They had great actors, and good characters.

I thought General Jack Granger (Michael Ironside) and Ajay (Josh Holloway) were particularly good. Of course Kane (Joe Kucan) always steals the show in the Tiberian games.

The graphics are nice. I can’t really play ‘em maxed out, but even the minimal settings looked pretty good. Cranked up as high as my computer could handle, they looked very good. I normally had ‘em turned down a couple notches for playability. I’d really like to see it run on a computer that can handle the max settings. I bet that would be great.

The missions were were pretty good. They made sense in the story. The difficulty tended to jump a bit. I think Tiberian Sun had a smoother curve of difficulty. That’s not really a bad thing, you’d expect some mission to be harder than others.

They story was pretty good. I’d make a decent Sci-Fi/Action movie. There were a few predictable parts, Kane not being dead again. There were some nice surprises too. I won’t go into the heavy duty spoiler stuff.

All in all it’s a good game.  If you like Command & Conquer, you won’t go wrong with this one.

If you worried about bugs, wait a little while. EA is still pretty busy patching it. Most of the problems are in the multi player. If that’s why you like C&C, definitely wait until more bugs are squashed.