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Guild Wars profession quiz

Here’s a [tag]quiz[/tag] I took not too long ago. It’s been around for a while I think.

You scored as Monk. You are a Monk: You are an essential piece of any team, keeping the party alive and well-protected. You are always the first target for enemies, so be careful!


Which Guild Wars Profession Are You?
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 I find it very funny that I scored 55% as a monk. If you’re familiar with [tag]Guild Wars[/tag] you’ll know why.

The Heroes Personality Test

I took the test. This is my result…

Your Score: Micah Sanders

You scored 66 Idealism, 37 Nonconformity, 83 Nerdiness

Can we play Scrabble tonight?
Congratulations, you’re Micah Sanders! You’re good-natured, intelligent, perceptive, and naturally inclined toward technology. You’re also quite innocent and loving. You’ve got a fondness for computers and Scrabble. Your best quality: You’re extremely perceptive Your worst quality: You can be a little demanding at times

Link: The [tag]Heroes[/tag] [tag]Personality Test[/tag] written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Getting into it

I think I’m starting to develop some better [tag]writing habits[/tag]. [tag]Blogging[/tag] at AFO is doin’ that. Since I have to write at least one post per weekday and I’m trying to post more than that, I’m doin’ more [tag]writing[/tag]. [tag]Practice[/tag] makes perfect right?

More importantly, I’m having fun doin’ it. It’s something that I enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I love FanaticSpace. Over there I know what I need to write about, anime and manga subjects, and there’s a minimum post. Here I have a lot of options, and too much freedom to not post at all. Maybe I need to set up some structure for my writing here. Maybe that’ll get me to sit down and work on the site more.

Guild Wars turns pink for breast cancer.

A guild is doing something very interesting in [tag]Guild Wars[/tag]. I saw this thread over at the Guild Wars forum at gameamp.

So if you want to help out, let ‘em know. It a great thing they’re doin’.

Hello folks, my name is Master Saji, or just Saji, if you prefer, and today, I’m here to tell you about Burning Dragons of Tyria’s, AKA DRGN, future plans for Pink Day in LA (June 16th, 2007) which is to help raise breast cancer awareness.First off, I’d like point out some small, but crucial facts about [tag]Breast Cancer[/tag];

Each year, 182,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 43,300 die. One woman in eight either has or will develop breast [tag]cancer[/tag] in her lifetime. In addition, 1,600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 400 will die this year. Yes, men can also get breast cancer.

If detected early, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer exceeds 95%.

Now, like I said, we’re doing this to raise awareness. “But October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, why in June?” Well, it’s a little spontaneous, but the truth is you shouldn’t have to wait for one month to help support to breast cancer awareness. We decided June 16th since school will be out and hopefully more people will be willing to help us and more importantly, one of our guild member’s mother is a breast cancer survivor and June 16th is her birthday.

Anyway, the big day that this event will take place will be June 16th, 2007, and will be in Lion’s Arch International District 1 (and 2 and 3 and so on if need be). Our goal is to get as many people to wear [tag]pink[/tag] armor to show their support as we can in the LA international district. To do this, DRGN members will hand out 1 purple and 1 red dye (a general combo to make a pink-like color) to each person, who (or so we hope), will then dye his/her chest armor pink and join in the merriment.

We want to make Pink Day in LA as much of a success as possible. If you or your guild is interested in helping out, let us know! But the easiest, best, and most appreciated way for you to help is to be in LA on June 16th and either bring pink armor of your own or get pink dye from us, and join us in raising awareness of breast cancer. Expect things to get started around Noon EST.

*UPDATE*We’re also starting to collect silver dyes since Red+Silver is another common mixture to get a pinkish color.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply to this post or email me at,


Anime Blogging

I got an email from a friend a couple of weeks back that piqued my interest.

She writes the Watching Jericho blog over at 451press. She suggested that I apply to write an Anime/Manga blog, and I did. That got me to thinking about possible articles. I’ve got a few ideas that I think are pretty good. If I start writing for them I’ll post a link to the site here. If my application is rejected, I’ll write ‘em anyway and post ‘em here. No sense in letting good ideas go to waste.