Guild Wars and loot scaling. Has the balance been tipped?

This post may seem a bit late, and it is. I’ve held off on it to play the game a bit so I can give an honest opinion.

Guild Wars has updated the loot drop system. Fewer “common” items drop if your party is smaller. Solo and small party farming is much different now. Sounds bad, but there is some good news.

Hard Mode. For those that like very tough battles, Anet has delivered. Mobs are tougher, faster and smarter than before. They’ve rebuilt them, they have the technology.

Don’t let it scare you away from GW if you’re a newb though. You won’t have to face the bad ass mobs for a while. You have to complete a Campaign with at least 1 character before you can even get to hard mode. Once one of your characters does that, then all of your other level 20s can switch modes while in an outpost.

Why would you want to play in hard mode? Better drops. Since you’re fighting harder, the spoils of victory are sweeter. More rare items drop in hard mode. It’s a good thing too, because the drops in normal mode are pretty crappy now.

Yep, normal mode is somewhat easier. The drops are crap. Getting money was difficult for new players before the update. I can only imagine how bad it would be for a newb to get anything now. That should be what scares you off.

I had to play in half-assed armor for quite a while on my first character.  With the reduction of drops, new players may have to do that for a long time. They’ll probably find it difficult to aquire even collector items since the items they collect have been reduced. 

Collector items are items/armor you get from certian NPC’s for a set amount of a particular drop. It was a good way to get better armor or weapons without spending money. When you get to a new area, find the collectors and see what they wanted,  for example 5 Singed Gargoyle Skulls. Go kill off those mobs until you have however many they want, then trade ‘em in for the items you need. Things would be much harder now. The chances that a mob will drop an item that you need to collect are much lower.

Overall I think this update has done more to harm Guild Wars than it has done to improve it. The level of grind has gone from very little to downright ridiculous amounts. I don’t know if I can recommend these games to anyone now.

Don’t be surprised if the “Today’s Link” for guild wars gets edited or completely removed.