SciFi channel will get Animated on Monday nights

I saw this report on AWN Headline News.

Looks like the Sci Fi Channel is going to start showing Anime. That’s good news, I hope it’s true.

It sounds a lot like [adult swim] to me, and that’s not bad. I like [adult swim], even if I don’t agree with some of their recent choices. There are much worse programming blocks SciFi could emulate. The problem I have is this, it’s too much like the [adult swim] anime night. Variety in anime is good, but I think this channel should be more focused. Maybe stick to, oh I don’t know, Sci-Fi anime?

GHOST IN THE SHELL: SOLID STATE SOCIETY is a good choice. The original might be a better one. After all, it’s one of the best Sci-Fi anime ever made. Ghost in the Shell is true Sci-Fi. It doesn’t use futuristic gadgets as an excuse to blow things up and make an action movie. It has it’s share of gizmos, sure, but they’re not the reason behind the show. It stays true to SF because it explores what being human means, even if you are no longer human.

I’m more concerned about some of the other titles listed. With all of the great sci-fi anime available, why would they choose these shows? I mean, it’s the SciFi channel right? Why would they choose Street Fighter II: V? Why not Neon Genesis Evangelion? Ok, That was on [adult swim] so they may not want to use that one. There are many more to choose from though. I’d love to see Gunslinger Girl on there, and it’s way more Sci-Fi than some of their choices.

Maybe they have to take those. It could be part of the deal with Starz. There could be some exclusivity in the contracts. That would suck. That would mean viewers of Ani Monday are cut off from a lot of great Sci-Fi anime shows.

C’mon SciFi, give us some Sci-Fi anime.

What sci-fi anime do you like? Leave a comment and share your favorites with us.

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