Battlestar Galactica ending theories.

 Battlestar Galactica Cast
…wait for the cylons to destroy them?
Not a frakin’ option.


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With all the talk about [tag]Battlestar Galactica[/tag] [tag]ending[/tag], I’ve been thinking about how it might wrap up. It’s one of the best [tag]science fiction[/tag] shows on [tag]TV[/tag]. I’m hoping that the [tag]ending[/tag] will live up to what we’ve seen so far. It’s a tricky business making [tag]Galatica’s ending[/tag] as great as the show has been but I have some theories on how it might be done.

Earth, the final frontier.

The [tag]fleet[/tag] will find [tag]Earth[/tag], that’s no [tag]theory[/tag], but what Earth will they find? I very much doubt it’ll be a present day Earth. That’s what the original show did. And lo, the fans looked upon it and it was lame. I don’t think this show will make the same mistake.

If it’s not the Earth as we know it, what will it be? There are two possibilities that I see.

  1. It’s a future Earth, with the technology to help protect them from the [tag]cylons[/tag] or a future Earth that’s dead. Yep, a barren dust ball. We’ve already destroyed ourselves, the cylons are too late.
  2. Prehistoric Earth, the lost colony couldn’t make it. Either they never made it to Earth or they died out. All the fleet finds is a wild untamed planet.

Now, if the fleet finds either uninhabited Earth what are they gonna do? Stop there and wait for the cylons to destroy them? Not a frakin’ option. Keep going and hope they find someone who can help them? Nope, [tag]Edward James Olmos[/tag] was cast as [tag]Adama[/tag], not Kate Mulgrew. They will make their stand. The fleet will colonize Earth. They will become the [tag]thirteenth coloney[/tag]. This is why I’m leaning towards the prehistoric Earth theory. I believe we’ll find out that we are the descendants of the fleet.

What are your theories?


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  1. 2xKnight

    I know. I wish it could go until 2010 like Lost, but I think they’re right to end it now.

    The prequel series is still an option. They’re still discussing a series set during the first Cylon war.

  2. Marc Witham

    Here is my theory. It doesnt have a great amount of evidence but I do see some.

    Ron Moore said that the final cylon was not in the season four promotional poster.…bsg_explainer/index4.html,,20169703,00.html

    The last cylon may be Ellen Tigh.

    Looking at the final four who are with the fleet, all but one of them had a fling with another cylon without knowing it.

    Tyrol with Boomer and Anders with Tory Foster (presidential aide) with each other.

    Kind of as if they were unconsciously attracted to each other.

    If Ellen Tigh were the last cylon that would complete that pattern.

    Then there is how Ellen entered the story line.

    She had no memory of being put on a vessel and was found after being unconscious for two weeks. Very suspicious.

    Adama and the president (I think) had their doubts. At the end of that episode, Number 6 asks Baltar if Ellen really did pass his Cylon detector. Answering with a smirk, he said ‘I’ll never tell’.

    One downside is that I know of no instance when #3 and Ellen were in a scene together. Remember that #3 saw the final cylon and said ‘I’m sorry, I didnt know.’

    I welcome your comments


  3. 2xKnight

    Oh, that would be a good one. That’d also be a great way to get Tigh to come to the metallic side. If they can give him his wife back I don’t know how long he’ll be able to hang on to his humanity.

    When I’d considered her being a cylon, back when she first showed up, I always thought she was an aged version of Six.

    I’ve got a few ideas, but nothing I’m really hoping for. The only one I hope it isn’t, is Callie. I can’t stand her.

    Thanks for sharing, that’s a cool theory Marc.

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  5. knightEknight

    I also like Marc’s observations.

    For my two cents, I think the two cylon/human babies (the son of Tyrol and the daughter of Helo) will turn out to be our Adam and Eve, and we are their decendants, and our religions are therefore all derived from theirs.

    The Bob Dylan song seems to contradict this, however. We’ll see!

  6. mark

    after seeing the last episode befor the season 4 break i think the final cylon is probably the one who gave starbuck the viper with the location of earth on the nav system and that there is probably another battlestar somewhere or a ship from earth that made the viper as it was brand new.

    becuse they arive at earth and it has being nuked i think they might have made cylons of there own or something similar to that and that they got attacked as well and then the colonial fleet meets up with a simmilar fleet of ships from earth

    another theory i have is that they did not arrive on earth, i think that when the 13th colony found earth other colony might of split off and formed new ones in the same system like the 12 collonys and this is the planet of one of them and they will find something there that leads them to earth.

  7. dana

    I think that during those peace years between the humans and the cylons (during which the cylons have developed their human appearance) they cylons may have contacted humans from earth, maybe even fought them (that would explain the apocalyptic view on earth). This would also explain the fact that the final 4 knew the way to earth (they may even be some earth humans + cylons combination). Well, I’m speculating a lot but I’m almost certain the cylons have some sort of connection with humans from earth. I have no idea who the last cylon could be. To be honest I haven’t given it a lot of thought since I’m waiting to be surprised:D I surely hope though it’s not Ellen Tigh.

  8. Profile photo of 2xKnight2xKnight Post author

    Cool, there are a lot of great theories out there. I love hearing the new ideas.

    @mark: Another fleet? That would be kinda scary. Especially after what happened the last time they hooked up with another Colonial ship.

    @dana: Yeah, they’d almost have to have a connection to Earth wouldn’t they? Maybe Earth is where they got the idea for the skinjobs. We know they worked on it in other places, such as in Razor. Where’d the idea come from though?

  9. Marc Witham

    Well, not all the evidence supported my conclusion of April 2007, but in the end, it seems as though Ellen Tigh was the final five.

    Although, I would not have thought that the old Col. would have ended the show with two beautiful blondes. He does deserve some peace., though


    Marc Witham

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