[tag]ViralTags[/tag] is something like [tag]ViraLink[/tag], except you get to use words instead of stars. In another attempt to [tag]build traffic[/tag], or at least [tag]backlinks,[/tag] I’m adding this one too.

Update July 15th 2007:

I’ve removed ViralTags. To see why please read this post about the harm viral linking can to to your site.

Update on ViraLink and ViralTags.

Update August 7th:
After getting a comment asking for proof, I replied by posting this link to an article about reciprocal linking. It uses real estate sites as an example, but it could apply to viral linking as well. I thought I’d go ahead and add it to the relevant posts for those who may not read the comments.

Here’s what Google says about it. Link schemes policy.

0 thoughts on “ViralTags

  1. 2xKnight

    That’s cool, I’ve added your site.

    This is a different viral thing though. You should add this one too. This has worked better for me than ViraLink so far.

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  5. Nihal

    Hi there.

    I’ve just joined the Viral Tag Link and your site is listed on my page. Hope you would reciprocate this back.

    Thanks in advance.

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  7. Barrett Laurie

    Hey there, I just added the viral link matrix to my page and I have a link to your page. Was hoping that you could return the favor! URL- TAG-HUMA B~ HUMA B~
    Thanks for the add!

  8. 2xKnight

    You’re added to the list Barrett.

    Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t get a pingback because the link on your site isn’t pointing to the blog.

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  11. Silki

    I have added you to the four blogs of mine.
    The Third Eye:
    Earn Money on Internet:

    Could you please add my four blogs to the mesh.


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  22. 2xKnight

    Crystal, you didn’t need to add anything. I added your site here because I got a pingback. My link was already on your list.

    Thanks for adding it though. *L*

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