Is Cloverfield really Lost – The Movie?

JJ Abrams is playing mind games with his fans again. Setting up web sites to argue back and forth over some crappy Lovecraft prophecy ripoff. Yes, more flash puzzles, faked site hacks and confusing videos abound. Swirling around in this mess is a new movie, known only at this time as Cloverfield.

Here’s the mysterious(spooky music) movie trailer.

Lots of flash, things go boom, no information. Yep, that’s a JJ Abrams movie all right. Just listen to sound around 1:11. Sounds a lot like the monster from Lost to me. That’s my prediction. Cloverfield is Lost – The Movie. Near the end it says “In Theaters 1-18-08″. When is Lost supposed to end? 2010 isn’t it? What would be a great way to build interest in the last couple of seasons of a show that will probably have been on 2 years too long by then? That’s right, a movie.

Ethan Haas, Van Mantra and whatever other name that pops up will probably be anagrams. Just like Ethan Rom and many other names found in Lost.

I just hope Locke is in it. As long as John Locke survives, screw the rest of ‘em.

What do you think? Is JJ Abrams in a rut or what?

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0 thoughts on “Is Cloverfield really Lost – The Movie?

  1. zecat

    ABSOLUTLEY. I can only hope that it is related in some way or another. The monster sound is definatley close enough to make me think of LOST immediatley. Too many similarities with the Ethan Haas and Hanso Foundation.