Update on ViraLink and ViralTags.

After doing a bit of reading about link building I found out something. It won’t come as a surprise to SEO experts, but to us normal folks it can be a shock when you first find out.

Viral linking could do harm to your web site.

Yep, it surprised me too. It turns out that Google and other search engines may penalize you for taking part in a viral linking campaign. So instead of your site climbing up the search results, it could actually plummet.

Because of this I’m removing ViraLink and ViralTags from this blog. I urge others who’ve taken part to do the same. I hate to do it, because I like seeing my Technorati Authority increase, but I have to. I’ll have to build links the old fashioned way, by improving my site, keeping it updated and making it something worth searching for.

Update August 7th:
After getting a comment asking for proof, I replied by posting this link to an article about reciprocal linking. it uses real estate sites as an example, but it could apply to viral linking as well. I thought I’d go ahead and add it to the relevant posts for those who may not read the comments.

Here’s what Google says about it. Link schemes policy.

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0 thoughts on “Update on ViraLink and ViralTags.

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  4. Deborah

    Finally! Someone who sees the light and gets it.

    I’ve been telling friends the same thing and have run the other way each time I’ve been tagged with these link trains and viral tags.

    I’ve spent many an hour researching SEO, and I’ve read this myself.

    At the very least, they simply won’t validate the links, so all the time and energy spent is for naught. It may help your technorati ranking but that’s it. But at the expense of your site if they punish you, you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

    THANK YOU for posting this!

  5. 2xKnight

    Well, I kinda had to. When I made up my mind to take the links off the site I felt that I needed to explain.

    It took a little while for me to come to my senses, but I did.

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  8. Mister EDgAr [h.]

    and of course you have proof to back what you wrote here? You just forgot to mention them right!?

  9. 2xKnight

    Yep. Most of it is in Google’s policy. Here’s a good article on reciprocal linking. It uses Real Estate as an example, but a lot of what he’s talking about would apply to viral linking as well.

    Edited to add:

    Here’s what Google says about it. Link schemes policy.

    Is that proof enough for you? It was for me.

  10. Mister EDgAr [h.]

    Well that shut me up! Yet, I don’t think that this should be enforce to strickly for blogs, I mean, sure good content is hard to find on blogs but if it was only about site like technorati and such wouldn’t we all be reading the same 5 blogs all the time!? I did find your/this blog because of viral tags..

  11. 2xKnight

    You have a point there. I did visit a lot of the sites on the list. More links to your site, better chance someone will visit.

    I’m not trying to preach the anti-viral tags gospel or anything. I made the choice that it was wrong for my site for the reasons I’ve laid out. If someone else feels differently, that’s fine with me.