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Taking a cue from the bovine blogger (John Cow) I’m considering the possibility of accepting guest posts. While I have nowhere near the influence of that inspirational parody (based on John Chow) site, I thought it might be a good way for fan bloggers to write about stuff outside their niche. I won’t burden you with a post a week either. ;)

An example.

Let’s say you write an anime blog. You’re also a fan of Harry Potter and have a great idea for a blog post. You don’t have an HP blog, and don’t really want to start one just for this post. You can’t really post your Harry Potter theory on your anime blog, that’d be way off topic.

That’s where I can help. I’ll post your HP theory, with a small author bio you write. You can include links and a photo if you like. You won’t have an HP post sticking out like a sore thumb, and you’ll get linked from here.

This could help readers of both sites find stuff they’re interested in.

Don’t have a blog? That’s fine, you don’t need a blog to write a guest post. If you have something you’d like to write, go ahead and let me know.

I’m setting up the contact form for a test run. If it doesn’t work out and I decide not to do this, I’ll let you know. Right now I can’t foresee why I’d need to stop this. Other than depression that no one submitted any ideas. :(

If you’d like make a guest post, just use the contact form. For your Contact Reason select “Submit guest post idea”. Then just send me your idea. Easy as can be.

3 thoughts on “Be our guest.

  1. MJ Brewer

    I would like to write a “continuing thriller” on this site to attract frequent visits by writing a portion of the story at a time. I would probably include a chapter at a time. What do you think?

    The wind howled wildy as golden-green leaves and maple seeds raced about in the air, and swept past her face. Blond ropes of her tangled hair licked hungrily at her squinted eyes. “I’m going to die! I’m going to die!” Megan screamed as the wooden trellis bent beneath her and bowed under her slipping feet. Her nimble fingers dug deep into the vines, thorns chewed their teeth into her flesh as she fought to regain her footing. “Settle down, or you’re going to fall!” her friend reassured her, “Settle down!” Megan closed her eyes for a second and hoped her ears and, more importantly, her head weren’t deceiving her. It had been a long time since this teenage girl had muttered a word of prayer, but it was certainly time now. That was when the shutters on the window above them began to open, the curtains drifted casually apart, as if in slow motion, and beckoned them to slow down and be coaxed back inside. It was too late… Megan wasn’t sure of a lot right now, but she did know it was too late to turn back.

  2. Profile photo of 2xKnight2xKnight Post author

    @ MJ >> I’ve sent you an e-mail. This is mostly for future readers who are thinking of something similar.

    I’d like to take a moment to offer some advice to anyone that wants to be a writer.

    Don’t post anything on the Internet that you want to publish in a traditional manner. Anything posted to the net is considered to be published. That would be a huge obstacle when you’re trying to sell a story.

    If you want a story that you’ve written to be sold in a book store, don’t post it online.

  3. Chris *DIXIE*

    I have to agree, I have been friends with 2xKnight since we were in kindergarden. He helped me out when I entered some poems online . (not mentuioning any names) but they wrote back said I had won all this wonderful stuff at that one of my poems would be published in a book, The catch was that I only had to pay $600 to recieeve my award and another $100 or so to buy the book that my poem had been placed. Come to find out the poem I posted for this online contest was no longer mine. I lost all rights to it, never seen the award, and I never seen the book that my poem was supposedly posted in. From then on I was leary to write or post anything online again!

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