Blog layout.

Well, I think it’s coming along nicely. I just need to make a few more adjustments and decide on the colors. I kinda like the ones I’m using now, but I’m not too sure about the grey background. if I decide to change the colors I just need to change the css and make some different corners.

The spacing has been giving me a bit of trouble. I’d like things a bit closer together, but I don’t want things to overlap. I’ll just have to keep fiddling with it I guess.

Firefox and IE are looking a lot more similar. I’ve had to make liberal use of the underscore hack to do it though. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that the hack doesn’t break anytime soon.

As always, any feedback is appreciated.

0 thoughts on “Blog layout.

  1. 2xKnight

    Thanks. I like how the borders turned out.

    I’m still working on it. I’m kinda stalled now though, not sure what I should do next.