Coke fiends speak out.

Coca Cola has set up a pretty interesting site to promote Coke zero. The “Life as it should be” campaign consists of some black and white videos. Not only that but you get to screw around with ‘em. It’ll give you a line, then you type in your response. Using text to speech you’ll hear your typed dialog spoken. When you have it set just right you can save it and share it with friends.

Of course you’ll be sharing it with more than your friends. Your videos will compete for ratings on the site. This will attract a lot of weirdos, like me.

I’ve tried it a few times. With a little imagination it can be pretty amusing. of course, this is the sort of thing I do anyway. I’m always filling in dialog when watching TV. That usually results in my g/f smacking me and telling me to shut up, so this is a bit safer.

You could do a Coke Zero ad I suppose. Just type in something like “Real taste, zero sugar” or something. What fun would that be? Probably not as much as some of the videos on there. There are a few good ones. I hope more people check it out, because if enough creative types make videos there should be some great ones soon.

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