ArtRage update and free graphics.

You may, or may not, have noticed that I haven’t posted in a few days. I have a reason this time. I was making a logo for someone, I do offer free graphics after all. I really got into this one. Partially because of an update to ArtRage. They’ve added some great stuff to an already great program.

ArtRage is a great program to begin with. Is the ArtRage team satisfied with that? Heck no, the developers keep improving it and making it better. Not only that, but they listen to the people that use ArtRage.

Stencils and Friskets

ArtRage’s new stencil panel.

New additions to ArtRage, stencils and friskets.

Stencils and friskets were a popular request on the program’s forums. I even made a suggestion or two about it myself. It makes sense to have stencils in a program like this. It’s meant to mimic real world art supplies. Artists use these things a lot.

Think about it. If you’re drawing and you need a straight edge, you use something with a straight edge as a guide. Now you can do the same thing in ArtRage. Of course, they’ve added more than just straight edges. Take a look at some of this stuff.

ArtRage’s stencil’s favorites panel.

ArtRage stencil’s friskets panel.

There are a decent number of stencils included in the update. More than it looks like, because you can invert any of the stencils to have the opposite effect. Not only that, but you can make your own and add them to the program, just like the paper textures.

They haven’t limited themselves to edges either. They’ve also added gradients, textures and objects as well. Take a look at a sphere in ArtRage.

Click the images to see them full size.

ArtRage’s new stencils include objects.   Just paint over the ArtRage stencils.   A blue sphere made in ArtRage.

There is a lot you can do with the stuff they’ve added. I believe they’ve really made some great improvements in the program. ArtRage is well on it’s way to being the best natural media graphics program there is.

Now if only we could turn off or adjust the lighting, it’d be perfect. I just got an e-mail from Ambient Design. You can turn the light off now, with the F5 key. So now it’s perfect.

Check out the ArtRage site for a free trial download. Even the full version is only $25. That’s a good deal for a great program.

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