Back from Dragon Con.

The street between the Hyatt and the Marriott.

“Simon says look where I point, not where I look.

Balding dude in the grey shirt, you’re out.”

Wooooo! That was fun. This year was probably one of the better Dragon Cons I’ve been to. I stuck to the anime track mostly. I’ll be writing up some reports on the anime track over on There will be recorded panels posted and even the chance to win some cool stuff, so check those out.

I did have problems with my camera. The indoor pictures look really bad. A couple I took outdoors look fine. I should have taken more of those, but it’s Atlanta on labor day weekend. It’s just too darn hot to stay outside long. Most of the time I spent outdoors was focused on 1 of 2 things.

Maid Cosplayer at Dragon Con 2007.

This is one of the costumes that covered the most skin.

  1. Hurry up and smoke so I can get back inside.

  2. or

  3. Hurry and get to the other hotel before I melt.

So I only have a couple of pictures that turned out ok. One is at the top of this post. This is the other one. This is one of the costumes that covered the most skin.

Damn cheap ass camera.

I will have to get a better camera before next year.

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