Download Command & Conquer free!

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of Command and Conquer, EA has made the original C&C free to download. That’s right free. At no cost. No money down and nothing to pay later.

Download Command & Conquer now.
(Update: The official site is no longer hosting the files, but you can still get ‘em from MegaGames, just click on download above the title.)

If you run XP you’ll need to burn it to a CD. If you can’t burn a CD, find a friend who can. Command & Conquer is worth it.

Command & Conquer Intro Movie

Granted, it’s not going to be as pretty as Command & Conquer 3. It is an older game. Think about it though, this game was good enough to spawn one of the greatest PC game franchises ever. Command & Conquer is the standard in real-time strategy. Now you can play the game that started it all for free.

I’m going to download it now.

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0 thoughts on “Download Command & Conquer free!

  1. 2xKnight

    I’ve been playing through the GDI missions. It holds up well. It’s still fun to play and the graphics aren’t that bad. The only thing that takes getting used to, at least for me, are the controls. I miss some of the refinements from later games.

  2. perro

    What a great game… I forgot how much fun I used to have playing this with my friends back in the day. The cut scenes were the best! LOL

  3. 2xKnight

    I agree. I love the cut scenes in the Command and Conquer games. It’s one of the things I missed in C&C 3. They had the FMV stuff, but there was hardly any of the CGI scenes.