Get your costumes ready.

With all the recent posts about Dragon Con lately I’ve almost forgot about my favorite holiday. Halloween. I even have a costume ready. I made it for Dragon Con, but due to circumstances outside my control I didn’t get to wear it at the con.

So I didn’t get to wear it at the con, no problem. Halloween isn’t too far off. I’ll just wear it then. Yep, this Halloween I’m gonna be Space Ghost. Well, Chad Ghostal, his evil twin. Either way, same costume.

The power bands and the shape of the cowl are made from wonderflex. I heated it with an iron and wrapped it around molds I made. The power band mold was made from poster board and masking tape I wrapped around my arm. The cowl mold was made from paper mache.

Cowl and power band molds.

Cowl and power band molds.

Once I had the wonderflex shaped for the power bands, all I had to do was finish ‘em. I cut rectangles of wonderflex that I heated and bonded to the bands. Then I just painted them with acrylic paint. I was afraid it wouldn’t stick, but I didn’t have a problem with it. It may start to flake before Halloween. I hope not.

The cowl was tricky. I had the top part of it, but I had to add the jaw line. I cut strips of wonderflex and bonded them to the sides. Then I cut another strip for the chin and joined the ends together. Once I had the full piece, I used an exacto knife to cut the holes for the eyes.

Once I had the wonderflex cowl finished I set it back on the mold and laid fabric over it. Then I put a paper towel over that and used the iron to heat the wonderflex. By putting a little pressure on the iron I was able to bond the fabric to it.

Once the fabric was attached I used a pair of scissors to cut a slit in the eyes and in the open area on the face. I folded the ends inside the and heated the wonderflex again. That way I was able to bond the edges to the wonderflex. I didn’t have to do any sewing, which is a good thing because I suck at that.

After all that work I had this.

Space Ghost’s cowl and power bands.

Space Ghost’s cowl and power bands.

It may not look like it in the photo, but I can see pretty well when wearing it. I was going to leave the eyes uncovered and insert some paper to white out the eyes if someone wanted a photo at the con. That setup didn’t work too well in testing so I removed it. What I wound up doing was using kerlix gauze bandages. You can see through them, but from more than a couple of feet away the eyes look completely white.

Where’s the rest of the costume? I’m not wearing that. Don’t worry, I won’t be streaking. I’m wearing a hawaiian shirt in some Space Ghost like colors. A white shirt with pineapples.

Aloha Space Ghost.

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