Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

With all the time that Dragon Con sucked up in the last month or so I almost forgot about Guild Wars. More specifically, I almost forgot about Guild Wars: Eye of the North. It’s the first expansion as well as the last product to be released for Guild Wars. After this we’ll have to wait for Guild Wars 2.

To be perfectly honest, I was leaning towards skipping this one. Nothing I’d heard about the game before the release made me want to buy it. The game itself was never what had my interest. What I’m hoping for is the resolution to one little dead end quest. I want to find out more about one very minor character from the very beginning of the very first game.

I want to know what happened to Gwen.

After seeing that video I think I’m gonna have to buy it. That seems to be proof that Gwen will finally make her return. There are other clues, Just look at how ArenaNet abbreviates the game title.

  • Full title.

    Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

  • Obvious abbreviation.


  • Abbreviation used by ArenaNet.


That alone sparked a handful of threads on Guild Wars forums. It’s really no surprise either. Gwen has been one of the more beloved characters since beta testing. Well, beloved to some. There are players who are downright sick of Gwen. I can’t really blame them either.

There have been a few hoaxes involving the possible location of this character. Stories about how to find her. Stories about how she would return some day. Will she be a Hero? Will she be a villain? Is she still alive at all or is she in the Underworld? There are so many questions surrounding her. I’m not surprised that some players are sick and tired of all the speculation.

You have to hand it to Anet though. They recognized the mystery. They fanned the flames bit by bit with clues. They held back on giving any real answers. They’ve managed to take an ordinary NPC and make her a legendary figure in the story of Tyria.

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3 thoughts on “Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

  1. Hoto

    i just love these online games. guild war is one of them because you don`t have to pay ever month like wow. at the moment i play eq2 most of my time.

  2. 2xKnight

    I’ve tried quite a few online games. I started waaaay back with the attempt by Sierra.

    I was a beta tester for The Realm. Guild Wars kind of reminds me of it. I love the instanced environments in PvE. Back in The Realm you went into an instanced battlefield when you started a fight. It had dyes for your gear that you could mix, just like GW. All this was back in the early 90s on a 90Mhz computer with a 14.4 modem.

    I bought EQ when it came out. Just wasn’t all that great, so I let it expire after the “free” trial that cost $50.

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