Trailers are better than movies.

I really need to stop reading RevolutionSF. I’m sure it’s a contributing factor for geeks with high blood pressure. Ah, who am I kidding? That wouldn’t help. It’s not RevSF’s fault, mostly. They’re just reporting the screw ups made in Hollywood.

This is the trailer for the new Iron Man movie.

Abandon all hope, all ye who buy a movie ticket.

Once again the people behind the Iron Man movie have screwed up. You may remember my rant on comic book movie casting. I had very little hope for Iron Man turning out well. The only hope I had was that the scenes in the Iron Man armor would be abundant and awesome. Now I have even less hope.

Why would they make trailers and commercials with stuff that’s not in the movie? That makes no sense. Sure it’ll make people want to see a movie. What happens when they find out it’s a trick? A lot of people will just skip it. Hollywood shoots itself in the foot like this and then wonders why fewer people are going to the movies. To quote Kelly Bundy, “The mind wobbles”.

Here’s a tip for filmmakers.

If you film something for the trailer that turns out to be unbelievably cool, put it in the movie. It’s bad enough when people see a movie and find out all the best parts were in the trailer. When you see a movie and all the best parts are in the trailer, but not the movie that’s even worse. That is what people outside of the movie industry call a “lie”. You might want to look that word up. You probably know it better as “promotion” or “marketing”.

0 thoughts on “Trailers are better than movies.

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  2. valmg

    I don’t get to the movies a lot but I haven’t seen this happen. I have on occasion noticed they’ll splice things in places just so it looks like something else.

  3. CyberCelt

    You got that right. The best bits are always in the trailers. That is what makes you go see the movie. Oh, well… honesty would be too much to ask.

  4. 2xKnight

    valmg: I’ve seen it a few times. Normally its something that was edited out of the movie for one reason or another after the trailer is released. This is a bit different though. The scenes with the jets in the Iron Man trailer were specifically made for it. They were never meant to be in the movie. That kind of thing bugs me.