Heroes Season 2. Recap and Theories.

I waited until I saw the second episode to write this. Why? Because I still had a couple of questions from last season I was hoping to have answered. The second episode confirmed a couple of things for me and raised more questions. It may have also screwed up one of my favorite theories.

If you haven’t seen the first 2 episodes of Heroes season 2, there are spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

I’ll focus on the people who are still in the show. If you want to know what happened to the actors who played characters that got killed off, check out Dead But Not Forgotten on Watching Heroes.

Update: Now that the second season, volume 2, of Heroes is over you can find more info and theories in my post “Heroes Season 2 Recap and Theories, End of Volume 2“.

Where are they now?

    Mr. Bennet and Claire.

    Mr. Bennet and Claire

  • The Bennet family.
    After getting away from the secret agency that Mr. Bennet worked for at the end of last season the Bennet family are hiding. They’ve taken up residence in Costa Verde where Claire goes to high school and Mr. Bennet works at a copy store. The family are trying to act normal and keep a low profile. This is difficult for everyone. Claire is driven to find out more about her abilities. Mr. Bennet is unused to a normal job, he assaults and threatens his manager. Poor Mr. Muggles misses the limelight of his days as a star in the dog shows.

  • Nathan and Angela Petrelli.

    Nathan and Angela Petrelli.

  • Nathan Petrelli.
    After surviving the blast that killed his brother, or so he seems to believe, Nathan has fallen on hard times. He’s given up on his political aspirations and become a drunk. He broods over the fate of his brother and seems to regret the part he played in his mother’s schemes. He appears to have survived the nuclear blast without a scar, though he will occasionally see a disfigured reflection of himself.

  • Kaito Nakamura and Ando.

    Kaito Nakamura and Ando.

  • Kaito Nakamura and Ando.
    Mr. Nakamura remained in New York city to await the return of his son Hiro. Mr. Nakamura has finally realized how wrong he was about Hiro and will not abandon him. Ando remains loyal to Hiro and awaits his return with Hiro’s father. Unfortunately, someone from Mr. Nakamura’s past has marked him for death. When he receives the warning he’s going to be killed he tries to send Ando away for his own safety. Ever loyal Ando will not leave, but he does go to find Mr. Nakamura a sword to defend himself with. When he returns he witnesses Mr. Nakamura struggling with an attacker before they fall off the roof of the building from season 1. Mr. Nakamura’s body is alone on the street, with his assailant nowhere to be found.

  • Matt and Molly.

    Matt and Molly.

  • Matt Parkman and Molly Walker.
    Matt has adopted Molly Walker, the little girl with the ability to locate people. They now live in New York City where Matt has finally made Detective. All is not well however, Molly is having nightmares. The nightmares seem to be about someone very dangerous. Most likely the nightmare man is this season’s villain. Matt’s first call as Detective Parkman is to investigate the death of Kaito Nakamura. Ando seems to recognize him from the future where Matt was a government agent assigned to track down people with super abilities. Matt also questions Angela Petrelli about Mr. Nakamura’s death. During the questioning she realizes that Matt is reading her thoughts, and mentally screams at him to get out of her mind.

  • Mohinder and Midas.

    Mohinder and Midas.

  • Mohinder Suresh.
    Mohinder is attempting to raise funds to research the virus that affects the people with super abilities. After one of his lectures he is approached by a man who would like Mohinder to work with his company. it is apparently the company that Mr. Bennet worked for. When Mohinder explains how costly the research would be the agent picks up a spoon which turns to gold and tells him that isn’t a problem. Mohinder agrees to work for them. Afterwards he calls Mr. Bennet and informs him that he’s infiltrated The Company. His first assignment from the company is to go to Port Au Prince and cure the Haitian who now has the virus. Mohinder does so, but after the Haitian is cured he uses his memory wipe ability to escape.

  • Angela Petrelli.
    Momma Petrelli received the same warning as Papa Nakamura. They’re were both marked for death. After being questioned about Mr. Nakamura’s death, she is attacked in the police interrogation room. She barely escapes thanks to Detective Parkman and the other officers who rush to her aid.

  • Hiro and Takezo Kensei.

    Hiro and Takezo Kensei.

  • Hiro Nakamura.
    Hiro finds himself in Fuedal Japan. When he saves a lone Samurai he believes to be Takezo Kensei he disrupts history. When he meets the real Takezo Kensei he is shocked to find out his childhood hero is a gaijin, a foreigner. His hero is an Englishman who has taken the name Takezo Kensei to intimidate his foes. Kensei hires local men to dress as a samurai and ride into battle as a decoy while he kills his opponents from a safe distance using a crossbow. When Hiro tells him of the heroic exploits of Takezo Kensei, the gaijin thinks he’s crazy. With good reason, the town Hiro told him that he’d saved is now burning to the ground. On top of that the sword maker’s daughter he’s supposed to marry has just cursed him out and taken his sword. To put things right Hiro steals Kensei’s armor and uses his abilities to rescue the sword maker’s daughter against impossible odds. He convinces her that he is Kensei. Since his face is hidden by the armor, she believes him. Hiro wins a legendary battle and Takezo Kensei gets the credit, and the admiration of the sword maker’s daughter. The gaijin is then shot with arrows and lies bleeding on the ground. When Hiro removes an arrow Takezo Kensei seems to die. Then the wound closes and Takezo Kensei wakes up.

  • Peter Petrelli.

    Peter Petrelli.

  • Peter Petrelli.
    Peter is found in a shipping container on the docks in Cork Ireland by a group of criminals who want to steal what is supposed to be in the container. He wakes up with no memory of who he is or what he can do. When they find the container of iPods contains only a handcuffed Peter, wearing the Haitians necklace, they’re understandably upset. They take him and try to beat the information they want out of him. Since he has no memory before they found him things don’t go well. The sister of the man in charge tries a gentler approach to questioning Peter while she cleans his wounds. When she wipes away the blood, she’s surprised to find that Peter has no injuries, it’s as if he was never beaten thanks to Claire’s ability. During this time we find out why the gangsters are so upset. They weren’t after the iPods for their own profit, but as a favor for a much more dangerous man. When she leaves the room Peter uses D.L. Hawkins’ ability to escape from his ropes. Before he can escape the gangster’s sister is assaulted by the thugs of the man who wants the iPods. Peter saves her but injures the mystery man’s son.

  • The Haitian.
    After regaining his abilities and escaping from Mohinder, the Haitian returns to America. We see him with Mr. Bennet at the copy shop.


My biggest theory has been both confirmed and busted. After seeing the end of last season I believed that Hiro would become Takezo Kensei. With his powers and his knowledge of the great samurai’s adventures it would be easy for him to do. Not to mention the fact the Future Hiro was scary good with a sword. That kind of expertise can only come from practice in battle. It would also explain the connection that Hiro seems to have with the sword and the Takezo Kensei legends.

Which one will be Takezo Kensei?

Which one will be Takezo Kensei?

This theory seemed to be confirmed when we finally meet the “real” Takezo Kensei. He isn’t very heroic. He’s basically a mercenary who uses deception, guile and underhanded trickery to win and get paid. My theory was proven when Hiro disguised himself and won The Battle of Twelve Swords. Wearing Kensei’s armor he used his abilities to disarm and defeat a group of men and rescue the sword maker’s daughter. He then romanced the samurai’s future wife while pretending to be Kensei.

The theory seemed to be busted when we learned that the “real” Kensei had a healing factor very similar to Claire. That means that if Hiro can convince him of the great future before him he may yet live up to the greatness Hiro so admired. He just needs to learn how to use his powers.

As of now, I think it could go either way. Takezo Kensei could become a great hero or he could reject that destiny. If he rejects it I believe Hiro will have no other choice, he will have to take his place. Hiro simply can’t imagine a world without the legendary samurai.

If the gaijin decides to abandon the role of Kensei I believe he will become a villain. With his healing abilities he may be nearly immortal. It’s possible that he will live long enough to play a major role in the modern day struggle. He may even be the main villain. We haven’t really met the man that scares Molly so much, maybe it’s the man we know as Kensei.


To see the results of my theories, check out this post about Heroes.

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    Heroes had one incredible but short Season 2… it left too many people upset and wanting more when the writers strike happened. Here’s hoping to a great Season 3! Maybe we’ll finally find out what happened to Peter!

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