Making Money by Terry Pratchett

Moist Von Lipwig makes money the old fashioned way, he prints it. Actually, printing money is a new idea in Ankh-Morpork. Moist is going to have a tough time convincing people that paper is worth it’s weight in gold. Especially when he has his Bank Director licking his face and the Assassins’s Guild looking over his shoulder. He’s already been hanged as a criminal once. What’s the worst that could happen?

Cover of Making Money by Terry Pratchett

It seems like everyone is out to get him, even those that want him to succeed.

The Story

Making Money continues the story of Moist Von Lipwig, formerly known as Arthur Spangler con man extraordinaire, introduced in Terry Pratchett’s book Going Postal. As the story opens Moist has the Post Office running like, well, a Post Office. Things are running as smoothly as they can for any public service. That’s a bit too smooth for Moist.

After living his life by relying on his wits any normal job, even one as respectable as Post Master, is just a bit too normal. Oh there are ways of keeping a hand in, like picking the occasional lock, but it’s just not enough. Even Extreme Sneezing doesn’t provide the edge of your seat, and possibly your life, thrill of his old career. The gods must have taken pity on him because he’s about to have all the thrills he can handle.

Through some very odd occurrences Moist becomes acting Director of the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork. It seems like everyone is out to get him, even those that want him to succeed. It’s going to take every con man’s trick he knows, and he may have to invent a few as he goes along, just to stay alive.

My Recommendation

If you enjoy the Discworld books, be sure to pick this one up. I don’t know if it’s Terry Pratchett at his best, but it’s darn close. The hoops that Moist has to jump through in this book would make any stunt man cringe.

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