Oh Henry. Eureka Season 2 Recap.

Best quote of the season.

I swear to God, if this thing turns into a zombie attack, I am quitting.” — Sheriff Jack Carter.

Since this is a recap, there are spoilers. You have been warned.

Henry Deacon from Eureka.

…Henry Deacon, played by the talented actor Joe Morton.

You might remember my concerns about the direction the second season of Eureka was taking. More specifically the character of Henry Deacon, played by the talented actor Joe Morton. Henry is a great character, I really didn’t want him to become a villain. As the season progressed it looked more and more like that was going to happen.

His grief over losing Kim at the end of last season was pushing him to do things he knows were wrong. We see that most clearly in the episode E=MC…?. After the residents of Eureka find their I.Q.s drastically dropping, Henry almost confesses to wiping the Sheriff’s memory. He does apologize for it and we see how hard it’s been on him. This is the Sheriff’s first real clue that there’s something very bad going on with his friend.

Nathan Stark played by Ed Quinn.

Nathan Stark played by Ed Quinn

We slowly learn of Kevin’s connection to the Akashic Field, thanks to his exposure when the artifact went boom. Stark’s attempts to study it’s effect on Allison’s son causes some problems in Eureka on a couple of occasions. Most notably during the episode Noche de Suenos, where Stark’s experiment contributes to some people to sharing each other’s dreams.

Sheriff Jack Carter played by Colin Ferguson.

Sheriff Jack Carter played by Colin Ferguson.

The sheriff has a pretty tough time this season. Between showing up naked in other peoples dreams, turning invisible and getting caught in a virtual world he also has to deal with his daughter. She’s started dating. As if that wasn’t a big enough problem, she also wants to start driving. Sheriff Carter seems to be pretty paranoid about letting her behind the wheel and we soon learn why. When he was young he was in an accident that killed someone he cared about. When Zoe learns about that, she seems to soften a little bit. Sure, she still gives him a hard time occasionally, but she seems to be more understanding.

Zoe Carter played by Jordan Hinson.

Zoe Carter played by Jordan Hinson.

Of course, Zoe has problems of her own to deal with. She has problems at school. Since most of the kids’ parent are super geniuses, a lot of them are scary smart as well. We learn how big a deal this really is in Duck, Duck Goose. Zoe is teased by the other students while waiting on the results of her I.Q. test. Eureka prepares for the school science fair, a scary time in a town with kids that smart competing for a job at Global Dynamics. Zoe turns out to be a genius too, with a score of 157, but tells her dad she scored a 112. Jack Carter has a score of 111, completely average. It’s a sweet gesture and a sign that the Carters are growing closer.

The story arcs begin to converge as we get closer to the season finale. Kevin’s bond with the Akashic Field puts him in danger. Henry gets shut out of his research by Stark and Allison. Beverly, the one responsible for the artifact’s destruction, is caught and returned to Eureka.

It all culminates when Global Dynamics has a bio hazard outbreak. A deadly bacteria mutates and becomes airborne. G.D. is evacuated, but Allison and Kevin are trapped in Allison’s office witch locks down to protect the head of Global Dynamics. Not only that, but they’re trapped with Henry and Beverly who have come to take Kevin.

As Allison’s office descends to an underground bunker we find out that Henry faked the bio hazard. The underground bunker has a molecular transporter prototype, so that the head of G.D. can escape safely. The Department of Defense doesn’t know that the outbreak is faked, and they’re prepared to destroy Global Dynamics to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

Stark and Sheriff Carter make their way to the bunker and past G.D.’s defenses with the help of Fargo. Nathan has figured out Henry’s plan, but there is a flaw. Henry is trying to use the transporter in the bunker to separate Kevin from the Akashic Field, but he doesn’t have a sample of Kevin’s DNA from before the artifact incident. With Nathan Stark’s help Henry is able to break Kevin’s bond with the artifact before the military can destroy Global Dynamics, but Beverly escapes.

In the end we find out Henry didn’t become a villain. He takes responsibility for what he has done. The season ends with the Sheriff putting handcuffs on him before he’s taken away.

I’m glad Henry didn’t go over to the dark side. This ending leaves an opening for him to return, and I hope he will.