What happened to Halloween TV?

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Seriously, what happened to Halloween programming in October? There used to be specials and horror movies on all month long. Now what little programming there is starts halfway through the month.

I did some looking into it and there are a few things to look forward to in October.

    Halloween 2007 TV Lineup.

  • ABC Family

    October 19-31

    The 13 Nights of Halloween returns to ABC Family in 2007. Expect the usual stuff like Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. They might throw in something closer to a real horror movie late at night before the infomercials start.

  • Disney Channel

    Witches and Wizards night, October 12th at 8 o’clock, featuring Twitches Too and Wizards of Waverly Place. Twitches Too will also be repeating at various times during the month. Wizards of Waverly Place is a new series, so there should be at least a few episodes on during October.

  • Cartoon Network

    In addition to Halloween episodes of the normal shows, Cartoon Network will be showing R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps series through October. I remember when this came out on Fox. It was pretty good for a show aimed at kids. Goosebumps has some real scares.

  • AMC Monsterfest

    October 21-31

    Monsterfest is the best Halloween programing on TV. Lots of classic monster movies. From old black and white favorites like Dracula and Frankenstien to original movies like Piñata: Survival Island. I kid you not, Piñata: Survival Island starring Nicholas Brendon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame. The only bad thing about Monsterfest is that it seems like it gets shorter every year. Maybe I’m embellishing the memory of Halloween past, but it seemed like it was on all month long before.

AMC is also running a Monsterfest Sweepstakes. So head on over and enter to win the AMC Classic Monsters DVD set.

Don’t forget the video store. Do what I do and rent some of your favorite scary movies. You might even find some of your favorite Halloween TV specials. There are a lot of TV shows on DVD these days. That should hold you over til Halloween.

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