New Stephen King Movie

I’ve been a Stephen King fan for almost as long as I could read. That’s my sister’s fault. She’s a fan of his books, so I was introduced to his stories as a kid. I could relate to his books because I was a kid. A lot of the main characters in his stories are kids. Even more often, the monsters are things that scare kids. So his stories made a lot of sense to me.

The long and short of it.

Stephen King can write huge books. It and The Stand are pretty good examples of his longer works. He also writes some damn good short stories. The best example of those are probably in Skeleton Crew. That’s his second collection of short stories. Don’t get me wrong, his other short story collections are great. I just like Skeleton Crew.

The Mist by Stephen King

“It’s digging in to what Steve King does, and trying not to screw it up.” — Frank Darabont, Director of The Mist

One of the longer stories in Skeleton Crew was The Mist. That is a creepy story, and a good example of the kind of childhood fears he uses so well. You never know what’s out there when a thick fog rolls in. Of course a child’s imagination, and Stephen King’s, will populate that unseen world. Some things are best left unseen.

The Mist by Stephen King has been made into a movie. As much as I gripe about stories I love being butchered on the big screen, I’m not too worried about this one. Stephen King, and his fans, have been blessed when it comes to film adaptations of his work. Some truly great movies have been made from his stories. I’m really looking forward to it since I watched a video of the director talking about Stephen King films on the movie’s site. That guy knows what he’s doing.

Check out the site and watch the trailer. This movie looks like a Stephen King story. It can’t get better than that.

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0 thoughts on “New Stephen King Movie

  1. DeeDubya

    I always greet the release of a King novel as a movie with trepidation. Every Shawshank/Sining there is a Sleepwalkers/Pet Cemetery. We’ll see with this one shall we.

  2. 2xKnight

    The guy directing this one also directed Shawshank and Green Mile. So if anyone knows how to make a Stephen King movie, it’s him.

    You got a point about Sleepwalkers though. That was baaaaaad.

  3. Tina Kubala

    I’ve seen very few of the movies, but have read many of his books. This is mostly because I was introduced to King after I got married and my husband doesn’t like movies, let alone horror.

    I have an old paper back copy of Skeleton Crew that I’m reading again because I couldn’t remember what happened in The Mist, only the scary good feeling of the story. My favorite of them is “Word Processor of the Gods” where the guy uses “delete” and “execute” buttons to change his life. Every time I pick up this book, I read that one first even though it’s in the middle.

  4. 2xKnight

    The Mist is a great story. I think my favorite one from Skeleton Crew would have to be The Jaunt. It’s an excellent blending of horror and sci-fi. I believe it was adapted for a tv show several years back. I can’t remember which one. I do remember that the best part was completely cut out and it focused on how the technology was developed. Kind of disappointing.