Filed for Reconsideration

I don’t know if you’re aware of what Google has been doing since October. If not here’s a short version.

Google decided to hide the Page Ranks of sites that made paid posts and linked without using the non-standard “nofollow” tag. They didn’t do this to all the sites that they could have, just the ones least likely to cause them trouble.



What does that mean?


It means suffered a penalty. I’ve been honest about making paid posts to try and pay for expenses on the site. That’s just not enough for Google, even though their own guidelines tell you to write for people and not search engines.



Can it be fixed?


I’ve thought about this for a long time. Should I add “nofollow” to the paid links and ask Google to reconsider? Should I just accept the penalty and continue as if nothing happened?


I came to the conclusion that I need to comply with Google’s demands. No matter how much I dislike it, I can’t fight Google. They’ve got too many people brainwashed into believing it’s about search results. If I try to fight it, I’ll wind up like the guy from the picture up top.


I’ve added “nofollow” to all the paid links. I’ve also filed for reconsideration.


Now I just have to go to sleep and await the mercy of the pod people Google.



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3 thoughts on “Filed for Reconsideration

  1. Tina Kubala

    Sorry to hear that they broke your resolve. Since they still send me traffic (thank you VH1’s top 100 90’s Songs), I am willing to keep on going with no PR.

  2. 2xKnight

    I really did think about this for a long time. When I looked at my reasons for starting FanaticSpace I made up my mind.

    I didn’t start it to make money. I tried paid posting to help pay for hosting. If things got even worse in the Google vs Paid Post showdown, where did I want to be? In the Google index.

    Google’s actions still bother me a great deal. The chaos caused by all of this has soaked up too much of my time. I just want to move on.

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