Q&A With Kaza Kingsley Coming on January 10, 2008


I was contacted by author Kaza Kingsley about a month ago. Looks like FanaticSpace is going to be participating in a blog tour. This will be my first one, and if things go well it might not be the last.

 Kaza Kingsley's Erec Rex Books

Here’s one of the questions, come back on January 10 to see how she answers.


Who would win in a fight, Harry (Potter) or Erec? Oh, and none of that “They’d be on the same side” stuff either, just assume they were both tricked into thinking the other one was evil…



Erec Rex Book Reviews


Kaza Kingsley was kind enough to send me review copies of the first 2 Erec Rex books. I was going to hold a giveaway once I’d read the books. I just can’t bring myself to do that, since she took the time to autograph them to me. Don’t worry though, I will be holding an Erec Rex book giveaway. I just won’t be giving up my copies.



Who is Kaza Kingsley?

 Kaza Kingsley Author of the Erec Rex Series

Kaza Kingsley is the author of the Erec Rex book series. The Erec Rex books are fantasy books for young adults. They’re filled with mythological references and a dramatic story. Just the kind of books I like. Perfect.


Whoops, almost started the reviews early.


If you’d like to know more about Kaza Kingsley then stop by during the tour, she’ll be checking in to read the comments and answer your questions. I’d also suggest you check out her blog, The Memory Mogul.


To learn more about the Erec Rex books check out the Official Erec Rex Website. You can also get a sneak peek at the books.


First 3 chapters of Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye (Book 1)


First 2 chapters of Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness (Book 2)



What is a blog tour?


A blog tour is an online version of a book tour for authors. Several sites agree to post an article about the books or author. Fans get to say hi, ask question and get to know them. The posts are scheduled to run consecutively, much like the appearances on a book tour.


It sounds like a great way for fans to interact with an author they like and with each other. How could I say no?



Kaza Kingsley Blog Tour Dates


Here are the sites participating and the dates scheduled.


January 7A Fort Made of Books

(The tour post is up Kaza Kingsley interview)


January 8Books4Ever

( Kaza Kingsley Blog Tour )


January 9Baseballs and Bows

( The Erec Rex Blog Tour )


January 10 – Fanatic Space Blog

( Kaza Kingsley Blog Tour )


January 11Bibliophile’s Retreat

( And Now Presenting Kaza Kingsley and her Erec Rex Series )


January 12Children’s Literature Book Club

( Kaza Kingsley is here today! )


January 13Stephanie’s Confessions of a Book-A-Holic

( Kaza Kingsley Blog Tour 2008 )

 Stacked Books

January 14A Year of Books

( Blog Tour )


January 15Author Chris Rettstatt’s blog

( Kaza Kingsley and Erec Rex )


January 16Deliciously Clean Reads

( Kaza Kingsley on Blog Tour HERE! )


January 17Into the Wardrobe

( Kaza Kingsley Blog Tour )


January 18Real Gurlz Magazine

( Our Interview With Kaza Kingsley )


January 19Chauceriangirl

( Guest Starring: Kaza Kingsley )


Bonus Days


January 20Kaleb Nation

( Interview with Kaza Kingsley )


January 21The Jay

( The Jay Interviews Kaza Kingsley )


January 22Young Adult (& Kids) Books Central Blog

( Blog Tour: Kaza Kingsley )




Make sure to check out the Blog Tour, and be sure to come back here on January 10.



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3 thoughts on “Q&A With Kaza Kingsley Coming on January 10, 2008

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  2. K.S.R. Kingworth

    I’m curious. What would you say, Kaza, is the event, incident or tension that hooks your readers, right from the start?

    I think this would be a great place to discuss it so that we all can’t wait to run out and grab a copy.

    For myself, I know several kids that would love the story from what I’ve read so far on this blog, but I’d like to hear more!

  3. Kaza Kingsley

    Sure KSR!
    In my first book, the initial event is that Erec’s mother is missing. He’s in a precarious situation, because he needs to save her, but he gets thrown into a new place where he has to re-learn all the rules!

    In book two, Monsters of Otherness, Erec has to go back to compete in the quests to become king. If he doesn’t do it, the scepters will be handed over to the “bad guys.” But he’s truly afraid of what might happen if he wins. If he gets a scepter, could he handle it? It just might destroy him…

    Thanks for your interest!

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