Knight Rider 2008


KITT 2008 Mustang


I’ll get right to the point. This movie rocks. It was done right, with respect for the original TV show. I was worried about this version of Knight Rider since I heard about it, but if Battlestar Galactica has taught me anything it’s that new versions of old favorites can be great. So I held off from expressing my opinions until I saw it.



They made it soooo hard


Biting my tongue was difficult. The little bit of news and rumors I heard weren’t giving me much hope. Will Arnett cast as K.I.T.T.? That surprised me. I kept picturing K.I.T.T.(Knight Industries Three Thousand) making it’s debut with Europe’s “The Final Countdown” playing in the background. As time passed I grew hopeful. He does have a nice voice. He could have done a great job, just watch the clip for a very brief sound bite.





Unfortunately due to a contract conflict, he had to leave the show just a couple of weeks before it was scheduled to air. He does voiceover work for GMC. Ford is backing this project, and K.I.T.T. is a Mustang now. Val Kilmer slipped behind the wheel and took over the part. He did a damn fine job too.


If you watched the clip you might have noticed that actor Justin Bruening, who plays Mike Traceur, said this is a continuation of the original series. It is, and that’s the best part. That leaves the door open for characters from the original show to come back. David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff made a short appearance in the movie as Michael Knight.


This could be great.



Don’t Call It A Comeback


Maybe Will Arnett isn’t completely out of the picture. If this project moves forward and becomes a TV show Will Arnett might have another shot. He didn’t get to play K.I.T.T., but he would make a freakin’ awesome K.A.R.R. (Knight Automated Roving Robot). He’d be better as K.A.R.R.. He almost sounds evil when he plays K.I.T.T. anyway. Since K.A.R.R. is kinda like K.I.T.T.’s evil twin I could even accept his first appearance to be accompanied by “The Final Countdown”. In fact, I would love it.


Think K.A.R.R. could make an appearance as a tricked out GMC?



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3 thoughts on “Knight Rider 2008

  1. Linda

    I just wanted to say…great post and I prefer Val Kilmer as KITT. His voice has a cultured edge to it that more closely matches the unflappable original. I agree completely that the show was great! I hope they turn it into a series.


  2. Expat

    I was so sad for few years back of the thinking like people have forgotten Knight Rider. But now I’m so happy that thing are not as I had thought.

    Knight Rider is my all time favorite series and I like to see happening like Night Rider.

  3. David Williams

    It looks as if it was original. I really liked the post. Knight rider is a very good series.

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