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Bleach Manga @ AnimeNation

You might know that I also write an anime blog for 451 Press called Anime Fans Online. I thought I’d let you know that I’m starting a game up over there. If it works ok, I might bring the idea over to FanaticSpace too.


The Game


The idea of the anime casting call game is simple. I give an anime and a list of the characters, readers leave comments casting the live action movie. You can cast any character from the anime that you want to, but there’s a good reason to cast everyone on the list.


Free Manga


I’ll be giving out manga grab bags to a few of the people that cast the list in the manner that I request. The manga I’ll be giving away are those that I’ve read and for one reason or another don’t want to keep. Most of them I’ve reviewed on AFO, so take a look at the manga reviewed over there to get an idea of what could be given away. It’ll be randomly chosen.



Come Play With Us


The first anime casting call is Bleach. So come let us know who you’d like to see battling hollows on the big screen.




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  1. 2xKnight

    Well we can always start up a game like that here. Just pick a book/comic/cartoon and do some casting.

    The forum is great for stuff like that. *hint hint*

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