What Are Your Battlestar Galactica Theories?

Battlestar Galactica Theories

I got a very good comment from Marc on a previous post about Battlestar Galactica theories. I just had to point it out for those who may have already read that post.

I’d also like to invite you to share your ideas about BSG. Final cylon predictions, theories about Earth or anything else you think might (or should) happen.

I’ll hide the full post to keep it spoiler safe. There could be a lot of speculation flying around.

Last warning, there probably will be spoilers.

Now, check out this theory about the final cylon…

Marc Witham writes:

Here is my theory. It doesnt have a great amount of evidence but I do see some.

Ron Moore said that the final cylon was not in the season four promotional poster.



The last cylon may be Ellen Tigh.

Looking at the final four who are with the fleet, all but one of them had a fling with another cylon without knowing it.

Tyrol with Boomer and Anders with Tory Foster (presidential aide) with each other.

Kind of as if they were unconsciously attracted to each other.

If Ellen Tigh were the last cylon that would complete that pattern.

Then there is how Ellen entered the story line.

She had no memory of being put on a vessel and was found after being unconscious for two weeks. Very suspicious.

Adama and the president (I think) had their doubts. At the end of that episode, Number 6 asks Baltar if Ellen really did pass his Cylon detector. Answering with a smirk, he said ‘I’ll never tell’.

One downside is that I know of no instance when #3 and Ellen were in a scene together. Remember that #3 saw the final cylon and said ‘I’m sorry, I didnt know.’

I welcome your comments


That’s a pretty good theory. I haven’t heard that one before. I’m sure we all suspected her when she first showed up, but how many of us would still suspect her?

Thanks once again for sharing that with us Marc.

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20 thoughts on “What Are Your Battlestar Galactica Theories?

  1. Linda

    That is a fascinating theory and it never occurred to me! I was suspicious of Ellen Tigh when her character first appeared because of the strange circumstances but I never considered her to be the final Cylon.
    I’ve wondered about President Laura Roslin but she does appear in the poster. I’ve also wondered about Gaeta and Dee Dualla. And neither appear in the poster.
    I’ve also considered if Ellen Tigh might be an aged version of Six. A theory that was given some credence after Friday’s episode.
    I really don’t know. I love the show and the writing is amazing. I can’t wait to see how they wrap it up but I’ll mourn the passing of such a wonderful television show!


  2. 2xKnight

    Yeah, it would be kind of a surprise for someone that was once a suspected cylon to be a cylon at this point. The other 4 are the last people you’d expect to be skin jobs.

    Gaeta or Duala… that would cause some major havoc. Between the two of them they pretty much run Galactica. I do think it’d be interesting to see Gaeta as a cylon, especially after all the time he worked with them and against them on New Caprica.

    Whoever it is, I’m sure it’ll be great.

  3. malikin

    How is this for a theory? I think the old gods may be being reborn into reality. Notice that the Cylon/Human Hybrid from Hello and Athena is named Herra. The Idea that all of it had been done before and will be again and the apparrent absence of the gods( strongly indicates in season 1 that they did exhist) would indicate that the gods would have to come back into being at some point what ever they really were. It all seems to be cyclical. They never really answer the question of who were the gods or who God is ect… The gods are metephores for something that drives the humans like all of their disperite emotions,goals and Ideas where as the Cylons are or have been singular in purpose and singular in diety. Now in season 4, the cylons are no-longer a force for static or odered reality and the humans are more singular and unified. The lines are being blurred. The show is so way out in left field at this point that their is no telling what they will do.

  4. Profile photo of AdministratorAdministrator

    That is a very cool idea. It would certainly go along with the way the show has changed over time. It was originally much more real than the previous version, but it’s been drifting towards a fantasy/myth/legend story for a while now.

    I think that would take a lot of explaining though. As cool as it sounds, it would leave a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering WTF just happened. I guess that’s been a recurring theme this season though, hasn’t it?

  5. mark

    i think that the final cylon might be a new face that they meet on earth and it could possably the person who gave starbuck the new viper with directions to the planet they get to in the last ep befor the season 4 mid break

    i dont think this planed is earth i think it could possably a 14th collony of man that broke of from the 13th and there will be directions to earth on the planet.

    my other theory is that the cylons found earth first and attaked it and there will be another fleet with and earth battlestar that meets up with the colonial fleet

    i think that the ending is likely to be another armastist with the cylons because it the show they are allways saying “it happend befor and it will happen again” sugesting a future cylon war

  6. Aliana

    I have myself a theorie about the final one cylon, Diana said that they were only for on the final five in the fleet so that mean the final one is either someone we’ve nerve seen or, and I belive it is more like it, someone who we belive is dead.
    I thought of all those caracters we knew weel enough like Ellen or Callie or even Billy. But then I thought about starbuck, there is something with her, her desteny or what ever, at the end of season 3 I was sure that she was the final one but now I think that the final one could simply be her mother, that would make her half cylon and explaine a lot of things.
    It is just a theorie ;-)

  7. Josh P

    It’s interesting to consider the archtypes of the 12 Olympian gods and goddesses in the context of the show. Some of the characters already carry the names of these ancient figures as call signs, some simply meet their type iconically.

    Zeus-William Adama
    Artemis-Kara Thrace
    Apollo-Lee Adama
    Athena-Eight (and/or possibly Three)
    Hephaistos-Felix Gaeta (because of the leg) and/or Galen Tyrol
    Poseidon-Saul Tigh (just tempermentally…I dunno, do any of the gods have only one eye? and doesn’t he seem like a rough sailor, god-of-the-stormy-sea type? imagine him with a trident)
    Hades-Gaius Baltar (isn’t his harem a bit underworld-ish?)
    Demeter-Laura Roslin (with Hera as a kind of Persephone?)

    Interestingly, Hermes and Ares are harder archtypes to pin down in this range of character types–especially surprising in the case of Ares, since this is a show with a lot of warfare in it…though that in itself is suggestive.

    Hera, Zeus’ wife, also seems to be an absent figure, but her absence is the destination toward which the show is moving. Roslin has taken on the role of Demeter, the Mother Earth, and in the traditional myth Zeus takes Demeter as a spouse as well as Hera. But the queen of the Gods is missing in this pantheon, perhaps because they have no home world. I wonder if maybe on some level this explains the importance of the character Hera, the daughter of Athena and Helo (who is as close to an Ares type as this show offers.) Not that Adama is going to take her as a child bride or something. But on a mythic level, there’s something going on here about old age and rebirth, male and female–the restoration of a pantheon of Types repeatedly in history, not as a secure point of origin but as a twitch of repetition, something neither good nor bad but still somehow necessary for the continuity of the species. Periodically, when we become too civilized, we must be plunged into chaos and work to restore ourselves to the status of myth in order to begin again–that seems to be the “message” of the show about human history.

  8. Profile photo of 2xKnight2xKnight Post author

    Thanks for the comment Josh.

    I like those matches. Most of ‘em seem dead on. A couple seem like a stretch, like Tigh, but I can see what you mean about the salty old sailor bit. He certainly fits that part. Well, that or the Cyclops.

    Have you considered Egyptian pantheon? That may help you find the ones you’re having trouble with. There was a very heavy Egyptian theme in the old show, as well as a few hold overs in this show.

  9. Becky R

    so the part about Ellen Tigh is very interesting i would have never thought her cuz after she died i was just like ok moving on, however you say you are disapointed because #3 never saw her then apologized after she met the five, however she could be apologizing to Tigh, becuase remember the cylons take his eye and then he is one of the final five so she could be thinking oh shit we ripped out his eye and he is one of godlike five that we have been searchin for, oh crap. lol i doubt it would be Cally becuase they have a hybrid kid but after tigh got six preggo i guess it could be possible but it just seems unlikely that it is her, Gaeta and Dee have a better chance then her. and that is def Earth that they find its the only planet with one sun, a moon adn those constelations that match. also it has our continents so it is def earth tho i dont think it is the promised land that the scrolls refer to becuase roselin is still alive. it may have been the home of the 13th tribe but that doesn’t mean that earth was supposed to be their promised land. it could be some place else but they jsut assumed it meant earth. there is no 14th colony. lol that would be lame.

  10. Becky R

    also just becuase they said that the final cylon is not in the last supper doesn’t mean that it is not someone there. if you remember number six had visions of gaius when she was on caprica and he was in her head so that could be that version of gaius in the photo and not the real gaius, also if you look on the clues for scifi roselin is not in the picture anymore signifying that either she is the final cylon (i hope not i would be disappointed) or that she dies from her cancer which means they find their promised land.

  11. Jeff

    My theory has to do with Pythia’s statement “All this has happened before. All this will happen again.” It is a two part theory, with the second part actually being more of an alternative possibility to the first part than a continuation or supplement of it.

    Kobol originally was an entirely human planet until the day came that the people decided to create robotic laborers and soldiers they dubbed “Cylons” to take the burden off themselves using a cybernetic life node technology they had developed. All was well for a while, until the Cylons rebelled against their human owners. A battle ensued, but eventually an armistice was signed and the Cylon’s opted to leave Kobol and seek out a new home elsewhere in the galaxy. So for a time, the humans and the Lords of Kobol lived together peacefully. But during their time of peace the Cylons began to evolve themselves on their new home known as Earth. When the time was right, they returned to Kobol with their weapons and battleships and proceeded to attack it. The humans, unable to adequately defend themselves from the onslaught proceeded to evacuate from Kobol and jump to another part of space, where each tribe of humanity took up residence on one of 12 different planets.

    So this of course parallels what we have seen happen in the show where the humans built Cylons. Cylon’s rebelled and the “First Cylon War” ensued. An armistice is signed. The Cylons leave colonial space. Return later after they have evolved themselves and proceed to attach the human colonies and then, unable to adequately defend themselves, the humans must again evacuate their colonies. So history just repeats itself.

    Now the second part takes the concept of that theory, but changes it around some in such a way that it gives a whole new perspective on the Cylon nuclear attack on the colonies…and raises the question of just who the “bad guys” are.

    One of the Lords of Kobol was jealous and desired to elevate himself above the other Lords by creating his own race of people in the form of humanity. Ultimately, the two weren’t able to coexist together, so the Cylons and their God opted to leave Kobol and settle their own planet. For a time, the cylons lived peacefully amongst themselves and established a civilization of their own. That is, until one day, the humans of Kobol sought out the cylon planet to destroy what they viewed as abominations from the beginning and proceeded to nuke the planet known as Earth which was the cylon planet. The humans were able to destroy the cylons except for five of them who had devised a way to resurrect themselves upon their death. These five, at the behest of their God, proceeded to seek out their destroyers (gives a new perspective on the term “final five” too…they aren’t just the final five to be revealed, they are actually the final five true cylons). Once they arrived at the human homeworld of Kobol, they proceeded to enact their revenge on humanity, either by force with a newly created Centurion army, or perhaps by espionage and subterfugre, possibly releasing diseases or sabotaging crops and causing famines. This in turn, forces the humans to have to evacuate Kobol. As time progresses, these Cylons once again merge themselves in human society (or possibly may have left with them during the evacuation, if they had kept their identities anonymous the whole time). As time progresses further, the humans desire to build themselves a worker class of robots which is influenced either directly or indirectly by the cylons living among them. So, from this point, skip to the appearance of the signifigant seven, and now you have them ready to finally come full circle in their revenge by nuking humanity, just as humanity had nuked their home thousands of years in the past.

    So if this or something along those lines were to be true, then it was the humans who “started” the war initially, and cylon nuclear attack of the colonies was a revenge attack, and not just an initial act of aggression.

    The difficult part to piece together of the second theory is just how involved the final five cylons were in everything. We know that as of their current existence, they cannot recall what happened between the 2000 years since their apparent “deaths” and their current incarnation. It’s possible they were “switched off” by their creator God during the attack on Earth, and when they were reborn they didn’t recall their previous life. It’s also possible that have just been living lifetimes over and over again and just never recall any of them upon their rebirth waiting for when the time is right…which in order for my second theory to stand as it is, this would likely need to be case.

  12. Nathan

    **preface: I’ve been playing catch up, so forgive my lack of knowing of parts of the storyline up to this point. I’ve only got to the beginning of Season 4 ***

    Having said that this is my theory in a nutshell….

    Humans are “Cylons “and Cylons are “humans” in a sense. Life is life. I think Cylons created humans at some point and the humans rebelled– vice versa the storyline. Its a cycle the reverses itself time and time again with Cylons or Humans being the dominant race at any moment in time…. with “God” being the manipulating force that shifts the balance.

  13. Meri Wingfield

    Something reminds me of the Jews and the Greeks (Gentiles) at the time of Christ when the religion of many gods is upset by the idea of monotheism according to the Jews and maybe even Christianity which truly changed the world from that time on defeating and forcing underground the idea of many gods. At some point after the death of Christ Peter is convinced to accept gentiles into the faith of “the one true God” or as Christianity is referred to at that time “The Way.” but always throughout history the underground polytheism surfaces eventually. I hope Baltar isn’t the Jesus figure because he’s so creepy. Maybe it’s Kara since she had a resurrection.

    Anyway polytheistic humanity creates but then persecutes the cylon one-God beings then they go into hiding (catacombs etc.) get strong and defeat polytheism sending it underground where it once again gets strong then comfortable, creating cylons who again rise become persecuted, hide get strong and defeat the polytheists again….

    The 5 cylons from Kobol want to break the cycle ( or maybe their human creators want to) so they insert themselves (or are inserted into) the human race so that at a certain time they can “wake up” and teach the two groups to get along via tolerance and integration. (having already integrating themselves into the lives of the humans)Hera, the little child who will lead them, represents the only way for human and cylon to integrate and stop the crazy cycle of persecution, murder and annhiliation. Kara Thrace’s father Daniel maybe was the human or the cylon the 5 cylons came to on Caprica in order to get the humans to listen about not persecuting and destroying each other. Together he and the 5 made the other skin jobs. 1 skin job (Cavil)rebelled against the whole plan like Satan and seeks to destroy the “messiah” Hera. Or use her to his own gain. Maybe if Daniel was a human he married a cylon which is why she was so cold to Kara.

    1. Profile photo of 2xKnight2xKnight Post author

      @ Meri >> That’s a very nice description of the religious aspect of the show. I think you may be right on several points. I’m especially interested in the cycle of persecution that you’ve described, since it so neatly fits the “This Has Happened Before, It Shall Happen Again” mantra that keeps popping up in the show.

      There are a couple of things I disagree with, but they’re mostly nit-picky things.

      I think the 5 are from Earth, I don’t get the impression that they were personally from Kobol during the Colonial Exodus.

      If Starbuck is a hybrid, like Hera, then I belive her dad was the cylon. Ellen did mention another model named Daniel, and some tragedy associated with him, when she was talking to Cavil. It seemed to me that they were hinting that Kara was Daniel, but your theory has me thinking along the lines of Kara!Hybrid.


  14. Niall

    Ok this is gonna be long, but bare with me. I have two theories:

    My first theory is alot like some of the above. I think that the 13th tribe (cylons) after settling on Earth eventually forgot/diregarded their origins as machine slave to the people of Kobol and created their own Centurians to make their lives easier. In their own arrogance they treated these machine badly and they rebelled, causing the nuclear holocaust seen in Tyrol’s flashback. The Cylons, in creating such pefect replicas of the humans have subjected themselves to the same viscous cycle of Cylon/Human warfare and exodus. The last several episodes seem to lend credence to the theory of some sort of deity or outside force being the catylist/central force behind this cycle, and I like the theory about main characters being reincarnations/representations of the Lords of Kobol.

    My other theory is less of a theory and more of a “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?”
    Upon Galactica’s dicovery of the desolate remains of Earth, they are able to follow clues found amongst the ruins of an exodus from this ruined world. They follow the evidence and find not a single world of Human survivors, but the Alliance home system from the Firefly/Serenity continuity. There the find the Parliament in the process of creating a race of robotic workers/soldiers to serve them in the wake of other failed projects such as the attempt to passify people on Miranda and the super-soldier project River Tam was a part of. These failures along with people’s growing discontent after the revealation that the Reavers were in fact the result of the Parliament’s experimentaion, and general dicontent from the unification wars has resulted in an underground resistance movement. The Galactica, after ascertaining the all around badness of the Parliament joins this resistance as their flagship in a war to overthrough the Alliance. Also, this would open up fun things like Cylons (and I mean Raiders, Centurians, Hybrids and Skin-jobs, the whole shebang) being infected with the Reaver virus.

  15. Anne

    This may have been submitted already but here goes anyway…

    Something I have found hard to believe is that there would be only FIVE survivors of the Earth massacre. Doesn’t it seem likely that more than just those five would have been resurrected aboard another ship, ready to set off for the other tribes? Wouldn’t they try to save as many of their people as possible? So my theory is that they did save as many people as they could but they weren’t brought “back online” until they reached Caprica where they then integrated themselves (secretely obviously, possibly due to the hate of the centurians…the non-humans) in to Caprican society. That would explain why Kara’s father knew the song. It would also explain how they plan to create a miraculous moment that would finally bring the humanoid cylons and the humans together once and for all; because many of them ARE half cylon like Kara and Herra. It could explain why some of the main characters are having “visions” or basically projections although I feel that a higher, unknown character, is projecting to some like Laura and Baltar…or maybe it’s information that they already have through their own internal programming (if they are half cylon that is). This theory may also help tie in Baltars preaching of an afterlife…as he said on the last episode that death is not the end and should not be feared. I guess you wouldn’t fear it if you’re going to be resurrected! Obviously there are many missing pieces to my theory like wouldn’t Helen remember if they had brought a shipful of their people to Caprica with them? And, who, if any, is pulling all the strings? The one who brought them to Earth and resurrected Kara. Anyway, just a thought.

  16. Sandra

    As to the final episode (we will soon have the truth), I have toyed with the idea that all may be dead and have not come to that realization. Perhaps Earth is more like “Heaven” and in order to go there, death must be accepted and a letting go of Battlestar Galactica must happen to “evolve” to a state that can reach “Heaven”. Maybe there is a sort of rebirth, “reincarnation” for those that cannot move on. Maybe I’m way out there but “frack, what the heck!”

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