Fan Community

Fan Community

Fan Community

I’ve been thinking a lot about fan communities lately. I am trying to build FanaticSpace into thriving fan community after all. To do that I need to know… what is a fan community?

Let’s take a look at a few different ways fans can come together to form a community online.

Fan Forums

One of the many ways that fans come together to build a fan community online is by visiting forums. Also known as message boards, forums are descendants of the old bulletin board systems. This is a great way for fans to debate their fandoms. Not only do they get to share their points of view and discuss the latest news, but the conversation is archived for later access. New members can come along and read threads that were active years ago.

Fan Chatrooms

With chatrooms fans can get together and talk in a more rapid fire manner. While a chatroom may lack the lasting archives of a forum, it provides a more natural way to start a dialog. The ability to get an immediate answer to a question, and to be able to follow up on that response, is a chatroom’s greatest strength. It’s a pretty big leap from a forum to a chat environment, but it’s a natural progression.

Fan Blogs

Blogs may seem like an odd addition to this group. People writing blogs don’t need a community do they? They do, maybe more than anyone. While writing blog posts is a solitary job most of the time, the reason behind it is often a way to reach out to others. The post you’re reading now is written with blog software, it will be listed on the blog on FanaticSpace, it’s entire purpose is to reach out to other people.

Fans and the Community

This is all about you. As always, you get a chance to speak up and make yourself heard. I want to hear your ideas about what really makes a fan community. What do you look for? Is there something that a good fan community has to have?

To be more specific, what would you suggest I do to make FanaticSpace a fan community that you would enjoy visiting regularly?