New Theme, New Structure

FanaticSpace Revolution


You may have noticed a change in the way that FanaticSpace is structured. I finally got tired of trying to build a decent layout and bought one that I could tweak. I decided to use the magazine version of the Revolution theme for a couple of reasons.

My priorities were multiple layout options and site wide consistency.  I even toyed with the idea of switching to a CMS like Drupal that could handle blogs, forums and any kind of page I might need. Another advantage of a CMS would be integration of everything into one account. In the end I decided against the all in one solution. While it does handle everything, it doesn’t handle it in the way that I want.

I decided that I would use the tools I’m familiar with. Now that I have a theme that I like, I can get back to work on content and community building.



5 thoughts on “New Theme, New Structure

  1. amber

    Looks good… it took me a moment to find the comment functionality, but that more than likely is lack of coffee.

  2. Profile photo of AdministratorAdministrator


    I see what you mean. I changed the blog page to show the comment count at the top with the title. it should be easier to find now.


    I was beginning to wonder the same thing. I finally just decided it would be better to spend the money and get something good.

    I like the new look you got. Very simple and easy to read.

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