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Thanks to a Christmas stocking full of horror DVDs I began thinking about public domain movies. If I can get copies of public domain movies, I could offer ‘em up on FanaticSpace. Yeah, a lot of public domain movies are crappy, but there are some that are great. Even a few genre classics like Night of the Living Dead have fallen into the public domain.

While looking into finding some decent movies in the public domain I found at least 4 of the movies that were in my stocking on Christmas morning. No wonder they can sell 16 movies for $15, they’re using movies they don’t need to pay for. I’m not complaining, there are some good movies there. Which makes me think that offering movies on FanaticSpace could work.

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The movies I’d prefer to feature would be in the vien of the classic drive-in B movies. Cheesy sci-fi and horror movies would take a prominent place in the selection. You know the kind of movies you used to be able to find on TV late on a weekend night. The kinds of movies that would have a host making fun of them between commercial breaks.

Sadly it seems that the era of Elvira – Mistress of the Dark may have faded. The days of Joe Bob Briggs might be a part of the past. I truly hope that’s not the case. I wouldn’t want to imagine a world so bereft of joy and wonder.

Do not go quietly into that dark night of stale television programming. If you must watch something titled Two and a Half Men then please make sure there is a severed torso involved.

Not the dead hooker in the trunk of Charlie Sheen’s car, that doesn’t count.

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