Second Chance TV

Second Chance TV

With the success of Battlestar Galactica, and a darn good try from the Bionic Woman, I began to think that there were other TV shows that deserved a second chance. Some because they were good the first time around and would still be awesome. Some because they can now be fixed. We have the technology.

10. Charles in Charge

Ah the wacky antics of Willie Ames combined with the level headed compassion of Scott Baio, could sitcoms get any better?

Charles in Charge appealed to us because of it’s realism. Who wouldn’t want to earn enough money to be able to hire a college aged boy to move into our home and take care of our budding young daughters? It’s the American Dream. When you add Charles’ kind hearted, yet mildly retarded, buddy Buddy you have the recipe for an idyllic life.

Remade as…

Charles in Charge of Cell Block F

Charles in Charge is just too soft for today’s television viewers. It needs to be updated to a dark and gritty drama. There’s no place darker and grittier, nor with a more pressing need of Charles’ firm yet gentle guidance, than a women’s prison.

Imagine the crossover possibilities. Someone from Desperate Housewives will be doing time sooner or later.

9. Space 1999

When a nuclear waste facility on the moon goes critical, the moon is sent careening across the universe. For the people living and working on the moon at the time, that kinda sucks. The upside is that they get to explore the universe and bang shape changing alien chicks.

Remade as…

Space 1999: How I met your shape changing alien mother.

A group of friends are working on the moon when disaster strikes and Luna violently shoots across the galaxy like a fat chick heading for the buffet. This is all recounted to the abominable progeny of one of the survivors.

8. Monsters


Not all television needs recurring characters. Some of the best shows were different every week. This is especially true for shows designed to scare. Horror television is at a low point. The last great TV show that was truly scary was Monsters in the 90s. Before that there was a long line of similar shows that stretch back to the early days of television.

Remade as…

Wait… this show is already back on the air. I think it’s called Supernanny now. That show will scare you sterile.

7. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

A primitive astronaut from 1987 is caught in a freak accident that propels him into the 25th century. There he teaches the people of the future about the most important aspects of 20th century life, fightin’ and bangin’ hot chicks. Important skills of this magnitude were last known to be possessed by a man named Kirk.

Remade as…

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

No changes needed. Buck has everything he needs already. His fists, his charisma and the best wing man in the galaxy, Hawk.

6. Logan’s Run

A youth oriented utopia of the future has only one small flaw, they kill you when you turn 30. Don’t bother to run either. There are trained professionals, called Sandmen, that will hunt you down. Good news is that their Social Security program is in great shape.

What happens when a Sandman turns 30 and isn’t ready for the big dirt nap?

Remade as…

Logan’s Runway

Reality TV never saw a competition like this. The winner gets a lucrative modeling contract and the losers get killed. No part of society is as youth oriented as modeling.

5 thoughts on “Second Chance TV

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  2. Randi

    I LOVED V! The hubby made me watch it and I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever!!

    Turns out it’s not supposed to be hilarious….damn.

  3. Profile photo of AdministratorAdministrator

    @Randi: It probably depends on when you saw it. Anytime after 1987 is probably too late to really enjoy it as a serious show. The FX are good, but viewers have been spoiled by some seamless FX since then. Of course, a lot of people just can’t get into sci fi. Suspension of disbelief is a key factor and it’s also different from person to person.

    Good news for your hubby though.

  4. Linda

    Okay…this is so rocks! And I completely agree. Battlestar Galatica is some of the best stuff out there right now. If only they could remake something like V so well! I love this post. It really got my creative juices going! You truly chose some of the best of the best, toss in your warped sense of humor, and this was a fun read! I’d love to see your remake of Charles in Charge. But somehow, I think it would end up on Showtime or HBO! lol


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