Second Chance TV

Second Chance TV

5. The Greatest American Hero

If there’s anything Aliens love more than anal probing it’s practical jokes. Just look at all the cattle mutilations and crop circles. That’s their way of sayin’ “Yo momma so fat that when she super sizes it, they give her the whole damn cow”. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that when they decide to start handing out costumes that give people super powers, they start with high school teacher Ralph Hinkley.

This joke works out better than they could have hoped. Not only does this guy lose the instruction manual and try to figure out advanced alien technology on his own, he teams up with the most insane government agent since J. Edgar Hoover.

If nothing else, bring it back for this theme song.

Remade as…

The Greatest American Hero

This was the Heroes of it’s day, it doesn’t need any changes. Just like Buck Rodgers it’s perfect already. This show gives us all hope. Who hasn’t dreamed of having super powers? If the guy trying desperately to keep Eddie from dropping out of school to focus on his band the Cruisers can fly, then surely our time will come.

4. The Prisoner

Stuck in a place where the concept of a normal life has been beaten to death with a claw hammer. Being manipulated at every turn. Always trying to find a way to escape.

Lost? Pffft! He wishes he had it that easy.

Number Six, no not that Six, used to have a name. Once he was a man with an important carreer, but he gave that up and in doing so he became The Prisoner. Those holding him captive want to know why he left and they’ll go to bizarre lengths to find out.

Remade as…

Something not drug induced.

The basic plot of this is perfect, modern TV viewers love not knowing what the hell is going on. As long as we can lose the acid trip delivery this is guaranteed to be a hit.

3. The Time Tunnel

In an effort to to save government funding of Project Tic-Toc, time travel research and development, Dr. Tony Newman send himself back in time. He winds up on a very crowded ship, because all time travelers wind up on the Titanic sooner or later. Just to make things worse, Dr. Doug Phillips decides to join him.

Doug and Tony are tumbling through time with no way home and no way to change the tragedies of the past.

Remade as…

Quantum Leap, Sliders

Yeah, this one has already been remade a couple of times. Quantum Leap was probably the best of the bunch, though it did stray from the original in one very important way. Sam Becket could change the past.

Just because something has already been remade doesn’t mean it can’t be remade a second time… again.

2. Wonder Woman

Depending on which network you watched it on Diana Prince was either a WAC in WWII or a government agant in the 70s. This one got a remake in the middle of it’s run when it switched networks. Doesn’t really matter because everyone was just waiting for her to turn into Wonder Woman anyway, and Wonder Woman is timeless.

Played by the beautiful and talented Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman inspired a nation and led a generation of boys into manhood. She was so influential, she even had a bra named after her.

You’re a wonder Wonder Woman.

Remade as…

Soon as possible.

The hard part will be finding a girl as hot as Lynda Carter that can twirl. Don’t underestimate the twirl. The twirl is important.

1. V

V was a large scale E.T. recreation. If E.T. were a lizard bent on world domination and harvesting the Earth’s natural resources, including the human race.

Ok, so maybe it was more like ALF.

A race of aliens con the world into thinking that they’re friendly while insinuating themselves into our lives. Almost everyone falls for it, probably because of those awesome sunglasses. Only a small group of people know that the face the Visitors show the world is a lie. Lead by The Beastmaster, these heroes wage a gurilla war through 2 TV mini-series and a full fledged, though much crappier, series.

Notice Marc Singer engage in a gunfight with a spaceship while on horseback, and his patented “Crotch to the Face” knockout maneuver.

Remade as…

Reality TV

Turns out that this is really happening, at least if you believe this guy.

5 thoughts on “Second Chance TV

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  2. Randi

    I LOVED V! The hubby made me watch it and I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever!!

    Turns out it’s not supposed to be hilarious….damn.

  3. Profile photo of AdministratorAdministrator

    @Randi: It probably depends on when you saw it. Anytime after 1987 is probably too late to really enjoy it as a serious show. The FX are good, but viewers have been spoiled by some seamless FX since then. Of course, a lot of people just can’t get into sci fi. Suspension of disbelief is a key factor and it’s also different from person to person.

    Good news for your hubby though.

  4. Linda

    Okay…this is so rocks! And I completely agree. Battlestar Galatica is some of the best stuff out there right now. If only they could remake something like V so well! I love this post. It really got my creative juices going! You truly chose some of the best of the best, toss in your warped sense of humor, and this was a fun read! I’d love to see your remake of Charles in Charge. But somehow, I think it would end up on Showtime or HBO! lol


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