30 Days of Night DVD Review

Danny Huston as Marlow in 30 Days of Night


The town of Barrow Alaska goes without sunlight for 30 days every year. This natural phenomena is caused by living inside the arctic circle, a tough and unforgiving place. In an environment that harsh 30 days without sunlight is bad enough, but things are about to get worse.

A lot of people leave town during this dark time, but not everyone. If anyone stays behind then the law has to stay with ‘em. Sheriff Eben Oleson, played by Josh Hartnett, is settling in and getting ready to wait out the darkness. He’s been through this before and he knows what’s in store for him, or he thinks he knows. Things will be different this time when the sun goes down.

As the town is preparing to survive a month of darkness, other preparations are being made. Creatures of darkness are getting ready to lay siege to this town trapped by a night that lasts for 30 days. The Stranger in town, played by Ben Foster (pictured left), has come to make sure the town is ready. He paves the way and acts as the harbinger of doom.

My Opinion

30 Days of Night is one of the better vampire movies to come along in the last 10 to 15 years. The vampires are scary, the situation is creepy and the blood is plentiful. Almost everything about the movie was done right. On top of that, the DVD has some great features.

The Vampires

The vampires in 30 Days of Night are truly frightening. No opera capes or frilly shirts here. You can forget about the whiny French bloodsuckers. These are the real deal. These are monsters.

A lot is different about these vampires. From thier teeth to the way they act, they seem more like predators than the parasitic vampires we’re used to. They don’t bite, they shred. These aren’t bats, they’re sharks.

Special Features

Most of the extras on the DVD are the basics. There are previews for other movies and the normal stuff. There are a couple of things that I thought was worth the name Special Feature.

Saya from Blood+

First Episode of Blood+

The first episode of Blood+ is included as an extra. I love anime and this is a good one. Like the creatures in 30 Days of Night, the Chiropterans are a different sort of bloodsucker.

This is a really good anime. I think the anime movie that the show is based on is a better match for 30 Days of Night though. The movie, Blood: The Last Vampire, has a much darker story than the series.

30 Days of Night Special Features, Featurettes MenuFeaturettes

The featurettes on the DVD are great. They’re kinda short, running between 5 to 10 minutes each, but they’re extremely entertaining. It is kind of weird to see what some of the actors are really like, especially the vampires, but it just makes you appreciate their acting talents all the more.


30 Days of Night is a great vampire movie. With wonderful performances by the entire cast, solid writing and direction, 30 Days of Night will not disappoint. I’d highly recommend this movie to anyone that likes their vampires scary.