Breaking Bones…When It’s Convenient

Love Hina Again

As I mentioned in my last post I am a fan of Love Hina. I’ve had the series collection of 24 episodes for several years and have watched it numerous times, but I only recently picked up the set of three movie sequels to the series. Given that the series ending gives no real resolution to the series picking up the movies is long, long overdue.

Since I’ve now had a chance to actually watch the three movies I just wanted to go over a slight gripe I had with them. Keitaro breaks his leg falling off a building (twice.) Now, if you are coming into this post without having seen the series you are probably wondering what exactly is wrong with that. I mean…the guy fell off a building, it shouldn’t be any surprise he would break a bone.

You would, of course, be correct in that assumption if not for the fact that in the series he was (usually multiple times per episode) falling from high places, getting punched hundreds of feet or in some other way getting the stuffing beaten out of him. And aside from taking a warm bath to ease the aches he has he is seemingly unaffected. (It is probably important to note here that this bath is also a constant reason he is getting beat up…but I digress.)

I understand, of course, that for the sake of the story it helped to have Keitaro incapacitated (twice in the same way, really?!) but they could have at least made it believable. Let’s be honest for a moment here, if you are going to break this guy’s bones (and Naru seems to try pretty hard every episode) the least they could do is make it more believable. Falls from ridiculous heights have no effect on him. If you are going to crush him you need a parade of elephants trampling him for several minutes, or perhaps a 747 crash lands into him as he is taking a bath (if he was wearing clothes chances are it would only sprain, but naked a bone may break.)

That said, aside from that one minor gripe the movie collection is the perfect wrap-up to the series. The Christmas and Spring movies are good and exactly what you would expect from the show but the real winner here is the final movie, Love Hina Again which is simply the best 90(ish) minutes you will spend with the show. Not only does it wrap things up rather nicely but it manages to take everything that is great about the series and put it in there, without ever feeling forced.

Maybe I’ll write up a full review later, but I just wanted to get that out. As for other anime, I’ve got the first disc of Chobits coming from Netflix today. I don’t know much about the series, but I’ve heard good things so I’ll have to wait to make any sort of judgement. Also I recently purchased the full series (after getting a few discs from Netflix to check out) of Ai Yori Aoshi. After having watched discs one and two I can honestly say it has quickly reached it’s way into my must see anime list but I’ll pass final judgement on that when I get to see the rest.

Now…I guess it’s back to work the one place that always seems to interfere with my anime watching. Oh well.

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    I really love Love Hina but I haven’t seen the movies yet. It’s great to know that they do wrap it up and so well. This series truly deserves a grand send-off. I will have to check the movies out. Thanks for the review. :)
    And as far as Chobits, it’s wonderful on so many levels. I really love it. As far as Ai Yori Aoshi, I’ve seen the first few episodes and really enjoyed it. All of these animes are endearing, sweet, romantic and just plain good!! I look forward to your coming reviews!


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