Come Share the Buffy Love

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Cast Season 2Wow, this is it.  My first blog at FanaticSpace.  I’m very excited, cause for the first time I’m able to blog about something I really, really love, the Whedonverse.  For any of the uninitiated out there, the Whedonverse is all of the wonderful entertainment created by the incomparable Joss Whedon, which includes tv shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly, the movie Serenity, based on the Firefly series, and various graphic novels, such as Fray, Buffy Season 8, and Angel After the Fall.  He also writes the Astonishing X-Men, and he’s written screenplays for other movies outside of Buffydom, which I may reference from time to time.  He was also a writer for Roseanne, but I probably won’t ever bring that up again.

I’ve seen each episode of Buffy at least 20 times (I’m totally serious about that) and every ep of both Angel and Firefly at least a dozen times.  I’ve watched Serenity probably 8 times.  So I’ll babble about all of that, as well as the graphic novels, and also what the cast of the shows is doing now.  Plus, Joss has a new show coming up in January, 2009, Dollhouse starting Eliza Dushku, who played Faith on Buffy and Angel.  We won’t run out of stuff to talk about.  

Ultimately, what I hope to do here is just share my great love for all things Joss, make friends with other Whedonites, and, hopefully, lure some people over to the dark side.  Come join us, I promise you’ll love it. 

In the words of Giles, “Something’s coming. Something is gonna’ happen here…soon!”  Buffy: “Gee, can you vague that up for me?”

2 thoughts on “Come Share the Buffy Love

  1. Profile photo of RindaRinda

    As a huge fan of Joss Whedon, I’m really excited about your new blog gig! I can’t wait to read all that you have to share with us. Anything Whedon related is good in my opinion! lol I’ve been a Buffy fan since the movie and I was right there when the first episode aired. Angel was wonderful and Firefly rocked my socks! I haven’t heard that much about Dollhouse but I have high hopes. In other words, you’ve got a least one more rabid fangirl anxiously waiting for more! :)


  2. Profile photo of BuffyGroupieBuffyGroupie Post author

    Thanks, Rinda! I’m excited, too. I didn’t actualy start watching Buffy until the first season was in repeats, but once I saw it, I was hooked.

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