Giant Robots, Gratuitous Shower Scenes, and Law 31

Love Hina Group ShotWell, what should I say?  I think the title may give it away but if not, I’m here to write about anime.  I’d love to sit here and write out a long (and beautifully written I might add) post about how I came to be an anime fan, where it all started, and when, but frankly I don’t think any of you could read it without actually becoming catatonic, so I’ll just go with the short version.

I saw my first anime on a Saturday morning when I was young enough that I don’t remember how old I actually was.  It’s a fair guess that I was probably just entering the double digit ages though.  That anime happened to be Sailor Moon.  I’m only mildly ashamed now to say that I was hooked after seeing only one episode (and it was most certainly not the first episode of the series either.)  From then on I would always try to catch the show each week.

Not long after being introduced to the Sailor girls they were moved to showing every weekday morning, following DragonBall Z, my second, and longer lasting obsession with anime began there, each morning before school.

Moving on several years we have Toonami on Cartoon Network, which I was watching pretty much as soon as they started showing anime.  There I was introduced to what would become one of my favorite series of all time (and yes, it does remain so to this day) Gundam Wing.  It was around that same time that I started buying some anime on my own (and by “on my own” I mean I used my parents money because I was young and poor.)

Not long after that I started looking for stuff outside of the Toonami/Cartoon Network set of anime and, through the powerful tubes of the Internet, I was introduced to a second series which still stands as one my favorites of all time, Love Hina.  Originally I watched this show looking at my computer monitor with the subtitles on.  I don’t recall ever laughing so much as I did first watching that show.  The 24 episode collection would be one of my first purchases when I started earning some money of my own.  Around that same time I also found out about and saw a few episodes of a little gem called Kare Kano, in english, His and Her Circumstances.  Though a long time coming I actually just recently purchased the series box set and am now working my way through watching every episode rather than the handful (out of order) that I had seen before.

From there we move on to a point in which I didn’t really watch much anime.  Oh, I wouldn’t avoid anime, and if something caught my attention on TV I’d usually watch it and think to myself that I should really start watching it all the time, but I would forget and life would go on.  I think the primary reason for this lull in anime watching was the simple fact that anime was an expensive hobby.  Video rental places (of which I live near none) didn’t carry much of anything (with the possible exception of DBZ) and buying them was prohibitively expensive (because in my day a single DVD with (if you were lucky) five episodes was $25 or more (and box sets were closer to a couple hundred, I know, because I bought the GW box set at that price.)

Fast forward even more years to the present, specifically the last couple of months and I have now begun building a collection of anime because my vast wealth allows me plenty of money for such frivolous ventures.  Okay, not really.  In reality I have a job that lets me pay the bills and sometimes with spare money I pick up box sets of anime (now significantly cheaper thanks to thinpaks.)  I also have a Netflix account (well, a family one at any rate) and I’ll sometimes stick some anime on there to watch and see if it is worth buying.

My collection of anime, while certainly not the largest has a good variety of shows for people of almost any interest.  If you’ve got something you think I should cover, or just want to recommend somtehing for me to check out, just leave a comment, I’m always open to watching something new.  I am far from the most knowledgeable about anime, and my manga knowledge is limited even more so, also, I watch the shows in english, not japanese, with subtitles, so for some I’m probably not enough of a purist, but that’s okay.  If you, like me, don’t really care what other people think of your personal taste in anime, and just really want to enjoy some physics defying, clothing tearing, mecha exploding awesomeness than grab yourself a comfy chair because we’ve got a lot to talk about.