New Authors, New Tweaks

To Do ListIt’s been a busy week for me. I’ve got a lot back-end tweaks done and I’m working on even more. Once I get things done I might release a couple of ‘em as plug-ins. We’ll see how useful they are to everyone here at FanaticSpace first. I got some comment formatting done too. Finally found a way to check and see if the commentator is a crew member here without having to hard code anything. That’s easier on me because that means I can add to the Crew without changing code.

Speaking of adding to the FanaticSpace Crew, there are two new authors. That means more cool stuff to look forward to.

Rinda has already made a post to let us know what she intends to write about. On top of that she’s already got her about page up. Go Rinda… Go Rinda… It’s yer birfday… Go Rinda… Go Rinda…

BuffyGroupie doesn’t have her about page setup, but I just set up her account so give her some slack. Ok? Geez, you people want everything now don’tcha? Maybe her chosen nickname can give ya a clue about her subject.

The More, The Merrier

Writing positions are still available. Just use the contact formand let us know that your interested. You can also use it to ask any questions you might have about FanaticSpace, being an author here or whatever questions are preying on your curious little mind in the dead of night.

If that’s too much work for you, then the comments might be a little easier. Give that a shot and I’ll see if I can help.