Eureka’s Back! Bad to the Drone

(Spoiler Warning. Some parts of this post can be considered spoilers. It’s an episode recap after all. — 2xKnight)

The big news in Eureka is not the jazzed up song and dance sendup of Mister Rogers Neighborhood theme,
it’s Eva Thorne.  She flies in on her broomstick in the Season 3 premiere just in time to see an anti-missile test of the Viper vs. Martha go wrong.  Eva is known as “The Fixer” — a corporate maven and master manipulator. She’s got the power (from the Department of Defense), and she attempts to use it.  Her stated goal?  To make Global Dynamics pay for itself.  The only person Eva seems to have regard for is Stark, but even he isn’t falling for it…yet.  Allison, however, seems to be falling for him…again.

Eva is a bad ass, but I was disappointed with the two dimensional nature of her character.  Even when we discover that she has an agenda of her own, my first impression is that she’s boringly, unremittingly vile.  Sigh. I spent many years in corporate America working for people like that every day…do I really want to tune into Eureka and see the same thing?  Thus far, the writers have given Eva no finesse…all she needs is a Snidely Whiplash mustache!  Beverly, the Shrink Spy, was wicked…but she did it with horrific class.  Remember, Eva, “these things must be done delicately.”

Just first impressions.  I’ll wait to see what happens…

The brightest light in this episode is Martha. ” She” is an adolescent drone with an accelerated learning curve, and she’s almost downright lovable.  She bonds with Zoe, wreaks havoc, and in the end, comes home, just like Lassie.   Okay, maybe Martha’s bite is a little worse than her bark, but she means well.

All in all, not a bad opener for Season 3.  There was some resolution to “A Night at Global Dynamics.” I will be tuning in again and either documenting the demise or rise of another season of Eureka.

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    What a wonderful recap of a great episode! I’m so happy that Eureka’s back and I look forward to your weekly posts. If the season opener is any indicator, it looks to be a fantastic season. And I hope we see more of Martha. She’s such a good character!

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