Joss Whedon Plays Favorites

I recently watched through all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, again, and I wrote a little bit about it in my blog, which you can go read, if you’re interested. I occasionally blog about Buffy-related stuff in my CW blog, cause Buffy was on the WB and UPN, which eventually merged (although, after BtVSwas off the air) into the CW. I know it’s a stretch, but I have to write about something over there, don’t I?

In any case, one of the extras on the last Season 7 DVD is Joss Whedon’s top ten favorite Buffy eps. It got me to thinking, cause I never can decide which are my absolute faves. It’s so hard to narrow it down. But if Joss can do it, I should be able to, right?

Anyway, here’s Joss’s list:

10. Prophecy Girl – S1, E12
9. Conversations with Dead People – S7, E7
8. Restless – S4, E22
7. Becoming, Part 2 – S2, E22
6. The Wish – S3, E9
5. Dopplegangland – S3, E16
4. The Body – S5, E16
3. Hush – S4, E10
2. Once More With Feeling – S6, E7
1. Innocence – S2, E 14

I was a little surprised by some of his choices, but others were more obvious. I’m almost certain that “Once More With Feeling” would end up at number 2 on my list, as well. I’ll give it some thought, and get back to you about my faves.

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