MGM Loves Joss, Too!

There’s another new Joss Whedon project in the works. A thriller movie, The Cabin In the Woods, which was green-lighted by MGM, and is co-written by Drew Goddard!! Can life get any better than this? This is the first movie to get the nod from new MGM studio head, Mary Parent, who is, as I understand it, a big fan of Joss. So that’s really lucky for the rest of us.

Mary Parent had this to say about the new movie, ” Not surprisingly, Cabin is one of the most original and clever scripts I’ve ever read.”

For anyone who doesn’t know, Drew, wrote on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel with Joss, and also wrote and produced for Lost and Alias. Oh, and also a little movie called Cloverfield. Drew will actually be making his directorial debut on The Cabin in the Woods.

Joss seems very happy about the project and he responded with characteristic wit, “This couldn’t have turned out better for me. I’m goofy with the love for this script, and with Drew at the helm and Mary at the . . . other part of the helm . . . it’ll be great!”

Of course, Drew is also enthusiastic saying, “I get to make a movie with my best friend at a studio that’s shown us nothing but aggressive love from the start. This script is very near and dear to my heart—I can’t wait to step behind the camera and mess up all the parts Joss wrote.”

There are little to no details available yet, although they say the movie is going into production soon. In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes open and let you know whatever I find out.

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    You are just the authority on Joss Whedon stuff. It’s great because I know where to go when I want info. Thanks.

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