So have I mentioned Dr. Horrible yet?

OK, I promise. This will (almost probably) be the last mention I make of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog until next week. It’s just that stuff keeps happening and I’m so excited about it. Plus, we want to get the word out so that more and more people know. But, honestly, I do have other Whedony stuff to talk about. Really, I do.

Anyway, Dark Horse Comics has posted an eight-page graphic novel on their MySpace, entitled “Captain Hammer: Be Like Me! (Nemises of Dr. Horrible!),” written by Zach Whedon and and drawn by Eric Canete. Check it out here. Exciting, yes??

It’s like a little precurser to what we’ll be seeing next week. And, I for one, am just super excited. Have I said that before? Cause I really am.