Heroes Season 3 Starts with a Bang

The third season of Heroes started off with some surprising twists last night. Several are going to take a lot of explaining. While others may only need to be viewed from a different angle for their secrets to be laid bare.

I’m going to take a little time and look at a few of the questions that were raised, at least in my mind, by the 2 episodes last night. I’ll try to go into what I think of it now, and where I think it might lead. I doubt I’ll come up with anything on par with the Kensei Prediction, but we can have a little bit of fun talking about what might happen. Let’s get started.

What’s up with Ando and Hiro?

Ok, that’s a blanket question because there are a few questions about the pair that all lead back to the same thing.

What did Hiro really see?

Was that Future-Ando and Future-Hiro that Hiro saw?

We know there are gifted people that can change how they look (We didn’t know about the robots though, thanks for the tip Ando.), so that may not be Ando… or even Hiro.

What did Future-Ando do to Future-Hiro?

What was that? It almost looked like a Chi attack from Dragonball Z, maybe not the Kamehameha Wave, but something similar, if smaller in scale. Was that a killing blow or just a knock-out? I don’t believe Ando would hurt Hiro if he could help it. I do think that Ando would knock him cold if by doing so it would help Hiro or protect him.

Is Ando one of the gifted?

This one I’m very interested to find out the answer to. Ando could be gifted with a power that hasn’t fully developed yet. He could be a late bloomer like Hiro. He could also have artificial or temporary powers thanks to Mohinder’s research.

What’s up with Mohinder?

Has Mohinder found the source of the powers?

I doubt it. He may have found the source of Maya Herrera’s powers, and others like her, but I really doubt that all the powers possessed by all the gifted are a fight or flight response. If that were the case then some other questions need answers.

  • Why does Hiro have to concentrate so hard to use his power?
  • How can Claire, Adam and Peter heal when they’re unconscious or even dead?

Those can’t be explained as a fight or flight response.

I believe Mohinder found an explanation of one set, or even one type, of powers. He’s a long way from finding an explanation for all of ‘em. I think he may be a long way from even understanding a lot of things.

What’s up with Nikki?

This is probably the strangest part of the show so far this season. Nikki shows up without Michah and has no clue who Nikki is. This time she’s Tracy Strauss. This raises several questions.

Is Tracy really Nikki?

I think so. I think this is just another one of her personalities. It would be pretty darn interesting if she wasn’t.

Where’s Michah?

I got no clue, but I’d be pretty disappointed if that’s the big mystery this season. I like the kid, but that’s just lame.

Woah! Did she just freeze that dude?

Ok, this looks interesting. Maybe all of Nikki’s different personalities have different powers. That would be pretty cool. I don’t think that’s what it is though.


I don’t think she did it. I think that was his power. Why would he do that though. Is he working for someone, the company maybe? I think we’ll be seeing more of him.

Oh, and when he froze, did anyone else think “Look at what’s happened to me. I can’t believe it myself.“?


Moving on…

What’s up with Peter?

Ok, let’s wrap this up with the character that seems to have caused the problems this time around. Peter, or more specifically Future-Peter, who I’m tempted to call Bishop for some reason.

Can the damage Future-Peter caused be undone?

Ummmm… Doubtful. If he tries he’s likely to make things worse. That’s kind of how these things go.

Should he stay out of things now that he realizes his mistake?

The damage to the future is done. He’s now living in an alternate timeline where events are quickly diverging from the “history” he knows. He can’t use his knowledge of events because he no longer has that kind of knowledge.

To put it simply…

Now that he’s altered the future so radically, he poses no more of a danger to the future than anyone else. Now he’s just another dude with super powers.

Great Scott!


What do you think?

What questions do you have about the upcoming season of Heroes? Think I missed a good one? Think my answers are wrong?

Let me know because I’d love to hear what you’re thinking.