Monday Night TV

I’m looking forward to Monday nights in front of the TV. Two of my favorite shows are coming back tonight. Both Heroes and The Big Bang Theory are making their season premiers tonight. Even better, it looks like they might not be on at the same time, at least after tonight. Heroes has a Lost-type checklist show starting at 8pm, the same time that Big Bang Theory is on. As long as the shows don’t change time slots, and the Heroes pre-game show isn’t a regular event, then my Monday night TV schedule is conflict free.


Heroes will be introducing quite a few new characters this season. We’ll see characters from the comics and probably some introductions of entirely new characters. With the season focused on the villains, this season has a lot of promise.

Debbie over at posted an interview Ken Lally, the actor who will be playing “The German”, one of the villains we’ll be seeing this season. He was pretty tight lipped about what’s coming, but even the tiny hints he let slip make this season sound like a winner. Check out the interview and you’ll see what I mean. This bit for example…

I got to coach one of the other actors who’s a martial artist but doesn’t do stunts…on how to make it look right for the camera and how to adjust his speed, because he was just too fast. The other actor was just a really skilled martial artist but was so fast, I was like, “Hey you gotta slow it down or the camera’s not gonna catch it.”

Any guesses who the very fast martial artist cast member is? I’m curious about that one.

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