The Eureka Soundtrack — A Review

I’ve always been fond of the music Eureka Soundtrack CDof Eureka, and was definitely ready for this cd.

Acclaimed composer Bear McCreary, of Battlestar Galactica renown, does a masterful job of musically mixing it up.  Of his own creation he says, “Whether or not you’ve seen Eureka, this CD is worth checking out.  The music is a totally unique and twisted blend of folk, blues and zydeco with 80s New Wave synths, 8-bit and 16-bit video-game-inspired FM synthesis, 70’s keyboards, accordions, dobros, didgeridoo and a little Spanish Flamenco. “

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  For one thing, I’m a sucker for accordion music, ever since my south pawed brother taught me how to play “Three Blind Mice” on my Dad’s accordion (turned upside down and backwards) when I was a sprat of six.  The zydeco takeoffs are always fun and sometimes gritty, and the subtler accordion melodies are clever.

Devo HatI’m not going to comment on each track, but I will list them all at the end of this post.
The Main Title theme, by former Devo member Mark Mothersbaugh and John Enroth always inspires me to attempt to whistle along with it.   To say it’s “catchy” is cliche, but  I’m okay with that.

Sheriff Carter’s Theme makes me happy.   It’s an eclectic mix of jazz with a country beat, and some bluesy vocals thrown in that remind me of the Cookie Monster.

Allison’s Theme is terribly pretty, just like the character.    It’s almost pastoral, but not saccharine.

Through the VortexThrough the Vortex, from The Games People Play episode, grew on me with multiple listens.  The power in it is undeniable.  It’s reminiscent, though not derivative of, McCreary’s work on BSG.

The Mask of Fargo

The Mask of Fargo, from Noche de Suenos is without a doubt one of my favorites.  Featuring sultry Flamenco guitar by Carlos De La Paz and a wild trumpet by Peter De Siena, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Being a poor to mediocre acoustic folk player, I appreciate De La Paz’s Flamenco guitar all the more for its technical expertise as well as its beauty

Brendan McCreary’s performance on his self composed ballad, Let’s Get Hitched, from the episode, Sight Unseen manages to be soulful, yet understated.

Henry’s Theme is sooooo serious, and borderline dark.  Tormented.  Pain filled. Portentious.  Lovely.

Not so, Taggart’s Theme.  It’s xylophoned, stringed, and quirky, series thematic, with a rough rhythmic edge, not unlike his character.  Sigh.

The Laser Cannon, from a Night at Global Dynamics, has a Rock Opera overture run through a synthesizer feel to it.

Captain Ahab’s Jonathan Snipes wrote and produced Eurekaerobics, from the Duck, Duck, Goose episode.  Techno meets fitness without becoming disco.  Ya gotta love it.Jack and Callie

Jack and Callie’s halting relationship is well expressed in their song, featured in both the Sight Unseen and Maneater episodes.

The Heathers at the science fair (Duck, Duck, Goose) and Erotomania from Maneater are great comic pieces.

A Night at Global Dynamics, from the episode of the same name, is one of the most dramatic selections on the cd.  It conveys danger, darkness, and suspense with an orchestral movie soundtrack quality.

Threat of Nuclear CleaningAlso from A Night at Global Dynamics, we’re treated to a zydeco introduction that blows into hard drums punctuated with a synthesizer in  Threat of Nuclear Cleaning.  The rest of the piece is sinuous, woven with wind instruments, keyboard/piano, until its abrupt dobroed end ties back to the intro.

Don’t take my tin eared word for it.  This cd is a must-have for any Eureka fan.   I’m sure the Eureka soundtrack could stand alone.  But for me, it is a pleasant reminder of the music that moves my beloved Eureka along each week.

Track Listing:

1.    Eureka On My Mind (Eureka Main Title) (0:30)
2.    Sheriff Carter’s Theme (3:27)
3.    Prehistoric Love Spores (2:38)
4.    Allison’s Theme (2:52)
5.    Through the Vortex (5:02)
6.    Fargo’s Theme (2:49)
7.    The Mask of Fargo (2:27)
8.    The S.A.R.A.H. Mobile (1:16)
9.    Let’s Get Hitched (3:54)
10.    When You Wish Upon Falling Debris (3:10)
11.     Little Big Bang (2:33)
12.    Henry’s Theme (5:21)
13.    Taggart’s Theme (2:02)
14.    The Laser Cannon (1:54)
15.    Noche De Suenos (3:23)
16.    A Nuke for Fargo (5:41)
17.    EurekAerobics (2:31)
18.    Victor’s Getaway (0:34)
19.    Henry and Beverly (4:24)
20.    Jack and Callie (2:31)
21.    Everyone’s Dumb (1:48)
22.    The Heathers (0:37)
23.    Zane on the Lam (2:42)
24.    Erotomania! (2:26)
25.    A Night at Global Dynamics (3:52)
26.    Threat of Nuclear Cleaning (2:19)
27.    A Town Called Eureka (2:10)
28.    Eureka On My Mind Reprise (Eureka End Credits)(0:51)

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