Heroes 303 “One of Us, One of Them”

As late as it is I decided to go ahead and post this Heroes recap. At least one of my theories for this season bit the dust. Though I still hold out hope for the Adam Monroe/Claire Bennet bloodline theory.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers ahead. This is an episode recap after all.

Tracy Strauss…

…isn’t Nikki

That’s right. We found out that Nikki really did die and we even saw a body. So Tracy isn’t crazy. She also isn’t Nikki. We know this because Tracy went to the address in New Orleans that she found when looking for this woman named Nikki who looks like her. When she got there she found a funeral, Nikki’s funeral.

That means one of my theories gets thrown out. Make that 2 theories…

The freezing was her power, we see her use it again in this episode. I’m still not convinced that’s the last we’ll see of William Katt, but that could just be wishful thinking.

Nikki may be gone, but it seems there could be a good storyline to explain why Ali Larter is still on the show after her character died.

It seems Tracy and Nikki were born in the same hospital on the same day and delivered by the same doctor. When Tracy goes to see the doctor, he thinks she’s someone else. When she corrects him and tells him her name, he seems to know her. When she asks about that he replies “Know you? I created you.”. So maybe we can expect a spin-off of Heroes where the entire super team is made up of Ali Larter.

One can only hope. (and maybe write fan fic)

Matt Parkman

Looks like Matt’s story is going to be getting more interesting. When Future-Peter first sent him to Africa to cover up being the one to shoot Nathan, I figured Mat would do some walking and catch a flight back, maybe arriving in time for some new plot twist. Wow, I was wrong about that too.

The guy that finds Matt (can we call him Travelling Matt now?) turns out to be a painter, like Issac. Also like Issac, he paints the future. Unlike Issac, his power seems to be focused on Matt’s life, whereas Issac seemed to be focused on moments of extreme danger.

He brings Matt to an area covered with paintings of moments in Matt’s life. Only thing is, some of those moments haven’t happened yet.

Matt decides to try this for himself. The guy (what’s his name?) gives Matt something to eat, let’s Matt borrow his walkman and Matts eyes cloud over just like Issac’s.

Looks like Mohinder could learn a few things about inducing powers.

Claire and Her Two Moms

A power struggle went on between Claire’s real mom and her biological mom. In the end they seemed to come to a, probably temporary, truce. This was after Miss Hot Pants tortured her invulnerable daughter until she agreed not to run off and get fitted for her cape. Of course, it was also before Claire stole her dad’s secret files and ran off, in her cheerleader uniform, to be a Hero anyway.

Noah and Syler

Mama Petrelli tells Syler that he’s her son and convinces him to go help his brother Peter. Oh, and to do that he’ll need a partner. Hmmmm… Looks like Noah Bennet is available.

Noah tries to keep Syler under control, but things go wrong. After Peter stops the bank robbery being committed by the escaped Villains, then disappears with Future-Peter, Syler eats Jessie. (And yes, I know Syler doesn’t eat ‘em.) Good thing Peter got out of that body already.

Peter Petrelli (x2)

After being dragged along with the escaped Villains Peter is discovered during a bank robbery. After beating the crap out of Peter the escapees turn their attention to Noah, who got himself captured. That’s when Peter discovers Jesse’s abilities, a sonic scream.

Before Peter can use it to save Noah, Future-Peter shows up stops time and snatches Peter away.

Hiro and Ando

Hiro and Ando track down Daphne the speedster, but she’s already sold Kaito’s half of the formula. There’s still a chance, because she’s looking to steal the other half now. She plans to take it during an exchange at a movie theater, but for some reason her powers stop working. That’s right before The Haitian walks in carrying a case.

Hiro, Ando and Daphne keep an eye on him. While they’re doing that, she take the time to drive a wedge between Hiro and Ando. She does it by calling Ando “…Robin to his (Hiro’s) Batman”. Nobody likes that. It probably even bugs Robin.

In the end, Daphne gets the formula while Hiro and Ando get caught by The Company.

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  1. Marci

    The freezing was her power, we see her use it again in this episode. I’m still not convinced that’s the last we’ll see of William Katt, but that could just be wishful thinking.

    Tell me about it! I wold like to think it’s not the last. I actually have a great way he could return and cause further probs for Nikki. In case you didn’t know what he was up to these days…
    William Katt has
    let out a comic book, with Chris Folino, called Sparks.
    In August Mythology Wars (Another Katt comic)will be out. And the Big news, William Katt
    is releasing the Greatest American Hero comic book in November! The GAH movie will be on its way soon too.
    Here is the link. to check up on updates.
    Tell them Marci Sent you.

    If you want to talk about the Greatest American Hero go here.
    We’re a great bunch and the bd has been very active for about 3 yrs.
    Yup! We chat GAH and keep up on where the gang will be!

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