Patrick Stewart To Possibly Beam Up to the Tardis

According to a recent article in Great Britian’s infamous paper, The Sun, Patrick Stewart has agreed to a role in next season’s Doctor Who series.

Patrick Stewart

As reported by The Sun, Stewart, best known as captain Jean-Luc Picard of television’s Star Trek The Next Generation, is a long time fan of Doctor Who. After appearing with the current Doctor, David Tennant, on stage in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Hamlet, Stewart and Tennant have reportedly become friends. Tennant reportedly suggested Stewart should appear on Doctor Who with him. The role planned for Stewart is that of a renegade Time Lord known as the Meddling Monk. The character was first seen in the series in the 1960’s.

David Tennant as Doctor Who

Nothing is set in stone but talks are continuing between BBC officials and Stewart’s agent. Patrick Stewart would be a wonderful addition to the current cast of Doctor Who so I remain hopeful that this is more than just a rumor. I’ll keep you informed!